Friday, September 27, 2013

Being a Risk-Taker

During the quarter, I think I have demonstrated the core value: Risk-Taker.
I think that because during camp, I had volunteered to come up in-front of the whole grade, and I taught them a cool camp song I learned from a friend. I've joined choir, and I did a test of singing a solo in-front of the whole choir group -so high schoolers too- and it was really scary, though I still did it. 
I also am a risk-taker for being here in Sao Paulo. Getting the taste of a new country. It's a big change from England. Making new friends and adapting to this new environment. 
Coming up in December, there is a talent show. I've always wanted to be part of one, though I've never had enough courage to join. This year though, I'm going to. To do this, I really need to be a Risk-Taker, since I'd be performing in front of the whole middle-school!
In Art I am a risk-taker too, because I keep on trying to improve my drawings, and I have to share out my drawings. It is one of my favourite subjects, and so motivates me to keep on trying.

1:1 Toolkit Tutorials

In toolkit this quarter, we learned every single detail about tutorials. Doing loads of different activities, we learned about the planning of a tutorial, creating a tutorial, and acting like designers. During this incredible time, we learned loads of different concepts, that are important to know when creating a tutorial. The most important ones are sound, picture, text, and film. One of the activities we did, was skyping with another school in Jacksonville, Florida. The school at the other end had learnt already a lot about tutorials, and talked to us, gave us some tips, told us about their tutorials, and shared some cool information about tutorials. We watched multiple tutorials and people planning something, to help us work through figuring out what to do to plan a tutorial and to create one.
Since everything has a reason behind it, I think that we had to learn about tutorials to make sure, that when we want to show our understanding of something in the future, we can actually know how to make a proper tutorial for someone to be able to watch and understand. Also, learning about tutorials and it's planning stages, helps you learn how to plan something in general. It shows you that things take time to plan. When we were learning about the planning stages of a tutorial, we were learning about how long it takes to actually have the clip you want to use, or to actually find the perfect image.
Here are some tutorials I made:

This first tutorial, is about how to download widgets for your desktop.
This second one is about keyboard shortcuts for word, and also google docs.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chapters 6 and 7 Analysis

I claim that maha is only making sure that Luka is passing his test so she won’t get in trouble for what she did and her reputation won’t be ruined. On page 122 maha screams: “LIAR!” at Tukkita, when he is telling Luka the truth about Karara and his paho. She is trying to hide the truth about what she did to her husband. Page 4 states that when -and if- Luka passes, that maha will be let into the urahas, a group of women who have successfully raised their son to become a warrior. Another part is when she starts whacking Karara and Sulali with a bamboo stick, and yells: “No one is going to stop you from passing your test. No one!”. She is desperate, very desperate. I believe that maha is only making sure that Luka passes his test so she won’t get in trouble for what she did and her reputation won’t be ruined.

Bringing the Boy Home
N. A. Nelson