Friday, September 27, 2013

Being a Risk-Taker

During the quarter, I think I have demonstrated the core value: Risk-Taker.
I think that because during camp, I had volunteered to come up in-front of the whole grade, and I taught them a cool camp song I learned from a friend. I've joined choir, and I did a test of singing a solo in-front of the whole choir group -so high schoolers too- and it was really scary, though I still did it. 
I also am a risk-taker for being here in Sao Paulo. Getting the taste of a new country. It's a big change from England. Making new friends and adapting to this new environment. 
Coming up in December, there is a talent show. I've always wanted to be part of one, though I've never had enough courage to join. This year though, I'm going to. To do this, I really need to be a Risk-Taker, since I'd be performing in front of the whole middle-school!
In Art I am a risk-taker too, because I keep on trying to improve my drawings, and I have to share out my drawings. It is one of my favourite subjects, and so motivates me to keep on trying.

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