Monday, October 07, 2013

A poem of Two Voices....

I think that this two-voice poem was a good learning and closing activity for our book "Bringing the Boy Home" written by N.A. Nelson. The instruction was to create a two-voice poem, with one voice being a character form the book -I chose Karara- and the second person being me. We had to create a theme. My theme for my poem is: you are who you are and no one can change you. I showed this by showing the characteristics from the different characters. I compared and contrasted them. We first had to create a rough draft, then mr. Z would correct it, then we could create a final. My first and Final draft, were written very carelessly. Being so nice, and knowing I can do better, he gave me another chance. I worked really hard on it over the weekend, and my (third) final draft of my poem, turned out pretty good! I really had worked hard to include everything that I needed to.

I was able to include textual evidence, that made sense when I was using it un my poem. My poem is about ethnicity. The textual evidence I used was about Karara and a little bit about her.
While writing my poem, I was able to compare and contrast it well. I compared details like that we both use our special talents daily, that we have different sides on some things, though the same on others.
I used descriptive words to be able to make my reader visualize my image, so that I don't need to tell them. Like "snuggled up in front of the crackling fire, reading the adventures books of Harry Potter," or "in the big chairs in front on the fire, reading Harry Potter." The first example was showing the reader, the second was just simply telling the reader.
Since mr. Z, gave me a third chance, because he knew I could do way way better, I revised my poem as much as I could. I used to feel like: oh this is not what I wanted it to turn out into. Now though I feel really confident about my poem and so I rally feel like: Wow! Yeah!

A strength I've shown while doing my two-voice poem, is being reflective. I was reflective when revising my poem for the final draft, because I had to look and read all the comments that mr. Z had given me. I had to use those to think "how could I make my poem any better?"
A strength I did not show as much, was being balanced between comparing and contrasting the characteristics. I was able to easily contrast, though comparing was a challenge. In my first and second draft, you could see that that was a bit of a problem. Though in my improved 3rd draft, it is way better.


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