Thursday, October 31, 2013

Being Brave ~ Chapters 11-15

On page 110, Brian hears a plane coming towards him, though as the plane gets nearer, it turns away, just as Brain fired up the camp fire. Brian felt devastated, mad and a bit disappointed because he missed the chance of being rescued, being brought back home.


How would you feel if you were in the Canadian Wilderness, and you heard a rescue plane coming, but it turned away and didn't see you? How do you predict Brian is going to get home? Is he even going to get home?

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  1. Rosanne, I love your question! It really makes us connect with Brian even more. If that search plane turned away from me, I would have been devastated. I would have thought to myself: "If the plane looked here already, and missed me, they won't come back here. They aren't going to waste time looking somewhere already looked!" I wouldn't have had the optimism and strength to do what Brian did: Recreated himself. I predict that they will find him in the end. I think that after looking everywhere, the planes will set out again for a double check. Then, Brian will be ready after a first try, and he will get on the plane. I am not sure how, but he can keep up in the wilderness at this point. According to Maslow's pyramid, Brian has all of the physiological needs to survive. As he said, he is getting rid of all his mistakes and flaws, developing into a new Brian (chapter 14 - 15).