Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Being a mini Scientist

In science last quarter, we did some experiments, test and more. In the link below is a survey I did, as a reflection.


Also, something else we worked on during the first quarter, is that we had to make a science video. We were divided into groups and each group got a topic to work on a show all the rules related to this topic. The members of my group were Claudia and Tashi. Our topic was Sharp Tools. The instruction was to make a 4-5 minute video and then in the video explain all the safety rules related to the topic we were assigned. I had a really awesome group, and so we had a fun time creating the video. During the making of the video, I think I demonstrated the core value communicator a lot because I shared all my ideas and talked a lot in the video. A core value I didn't demonstrate so much was being innovative. I wasn't that creative when we were planning our video. It was more just a plain idea, an idea that was not that original. Luckily, my group members had thought of some things too for the video. Even though I wasn't that innovative during the planning for the full video, I had some gob-smacking ideas for the introduction!

There was another group, that did their science video about General Safety. This group was not in my class though. A member of this group, left the school the day they finished their Science video. Since this group had their video on the laptop of the girl that left, they didn't have a science video to share. They were told by ms. Pro to try to do it again. Because someone left, they were one person short for their video, and so their great idea that they had, couldn't be used anymore. As I am a friend of one of the girls in that group, they asked me to fill in for the girl that left. I worked with the for 4 lunch times. It was pretty annoying that I had to give up my spare time, though it was still very fun working with this group. For their video, they did a game show. Two contestants (Tea and Anna M) me as their Hostess, Martin as the assistant.

They did a great job of their video, and since they had to re-do their video, I am pretty proud of them.

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