Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crashing Down ~ Chapters 1-5

This story started off, with a boy named Brian, who was on his way in a one-engined plain, to his dad. His parents are divorced. While on the plain, the pilot gets a heart attack, and dies. Since brian is the only other person on the plain, he takes over the wheel and tries to figure out where to go. Running out of fuel, the Brian has to figure out how to steer the plain safely down without killing himself in the process. Being lucky, he crashes in a lake, and swims his way to safety. He has to survive in the Canadian Wilderness, but how?

Discussion Question:

How is Brian going to survive in the canadian wilderness? I he going to gather food? Wait until a rescue plain comes? Will he find shelter?

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  1. Rossane, I think that Brian will use his surroundings as shelter and food. Maybe he could eat the fish that he said were jumping in the lake. Or he could use his hatchet that was still on his waist to make shelter with the plentiful trees. I also think that Brian will be there for a while because he is hurt, and it will take long to build a shelter when you are in pain. It also takes long to make a fire for attention, so a rescue plane can see him.