Thursday, October 03, 2013

CWW - Something Unforgettable

My expert group topic was about the Folktales. We learned all about the different characters in the folktales, and what they do. We learnt about the main character: Saci. The storyteller told us all about his legend and his actions. We also learnt a little bit about what happens in the stories with Saci. For example, that he tricks people and that he protects nature or anything to do with the number 7. We got all our information about the stories and characters from a storyteller we visited on the trip. His name was Ditão.
My group worked together to create our documentary by collaborating and communicating our ideas. Being inclusive was big part of this. I think we were all inclusive because we accepted each others ideas and we didn’t be rude or disrespectful to each other. Something that was hard during the process of making our documentary, was that we all had different ideas, and we wanted to figure out a way to use them all, without anybody feeling sad. We decided what would be the best option, that would be easy to understand when presenting, and that would be fastest to make.
A risk I took during CWW is when I felt so sick on the second day, but I still went rafting. Rafting was a super fun experience, and after we finished rafting, I just felt proud I went.
Next time I create a documentary, I would plan just a little. When we were planning our documentary and writing our script, we kept on changing our minds. One time we wanted to write this, and another time we wanted to write that. It was all very confusing in some points. Though we did it and I’m super duper proud of my group!

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