Friday, October 04, 2013

How effective was this elective?

This elective was really fun! We learned all about shading, facial proportions, texture, lines and detail. It was really fun working with ms. Ariani during this quarter.I learned so much, I think that making Christmas and Birthday cards won't be such a problem this year! I know for sure I will use what I learned in future preferences. The drawings I drew, really impressed me. I never knew I could do this, till I signed up for art 6. Having guidance from ms. Ariani, I improved so much since the beginning of the quarter.Art was amazing this quarter. A core value I think I really showed, was being a risk-taker. I think I was a risk-taker because I kept on trying to draw new things, I was using new methods every class to try and draw new things. A core-value I thought I might not have shown as much was being reflective. I realise i never thought about why ms. Ariani told me to draw something like this. Why we would have to draw this. Overal, art was a great experience. 


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