Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Improving on Reflectivness

I think that during this quarter, I haven't been that reflective. My goal is that next quarter I am going to be more of this core value. 
To improve on this core value, I want to just think about how things went, why things happened and how. For example, after a test or presentation, I could sit on the bus and reflect on how that went. What was good about it, what was bad. My mom always tells me to reflect, though I haven't been reflecting a lot lately. 
I know in England, at my old school, this was something I had to improve on too. I think that i have to make more of an effort to do this. It is a little hard to do this, though I know that if I actually try, that I can be more of a reflective person. 
As you can see in most of my posts, they usually say I have to be more reflective. So I think I should. My family is a supportive one. I am going to talk to them and see if they can help me improve on being a reflective person. That will be the first step. My goal is to be this core value next quarter. 

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