Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Last Literature Circle DIscussion ~ Bringing the Boy Home

1-10-13 TUE

Today, I think that my group did a very well job of having a good book discussion. We opened our books very often and we read short paragraphs to gain a better understanding of what we were talking about. I know Tea and I tend to talk a lot, but today we were able to equally share the floor. We gave each other eye contact and we showed each other positive body language. Something our group might need to work on slightly is staying on topic. We tend to trail of while talking about the book. Perhaps also maybe we should focus on one question/topic till we all understand it, and then move on to something else. I’m noticing that we are moving on way too fast.

I think that during this discussion I showed a lot of the core value: communicator. I think that I demonstrated this during our discussion today because i communicated all my ideas and thoughts with my group when we were discussing our clarifying and discussion questions. I think I strengthened my sharing-the-floor skill because now I hear my whole group talking instead of just me. Also I am strong in eye contact and body language. I always try to make the speaker feel like someone is listening. I would like to improve on having and understanding of the questions we just answered and discussed as a group because I’m noticing that when I’m listening, I don’t always clearly understand what the person is asking or what the speaker is trying to say. I would like to improve on understanding things more clearly and making sure I know what we are talking about.

I prepared for this last literature circle discussion by filling in the piece of paper I received. I put sticky notes by the text in the book for the answers I have to the discussion questions. I jotted down some of my clarifying questions, so i could be prepared to share them when my group met again. As I said in the first paragraph, Tea and I tend to talk a lot during the discussions. Though since the first time my group met, we’ve both improved a lot on sharing the floor. Because of that, we have become more inclusive during the discussions, and so we let the other group members feel apart of the discussion. By asking questions, we got everyone included, but it also got me thinking. I try to think deep and answer the questions people ask. Sometimes I try to make a prediction, because then it’s a deep question and so there isn’t an answer for it yet. Asking and answering questions help me deepen my understanding because it will help me think about things I would have never thought about.

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