Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Nature and it's dangers...

Chapter 8 ~ Discussion Question 1

Tirio believes that nature can be cruel. Some experiences he has had with this is when on page 8-9, when he has his first hunting lesson with Wata. Wata had picked a pierid butterfly from it's huddled up group, and had plucked of a wing. After doing so, a horned frog leaped up and ate it. Another experience is when he steps on a colony of ants, page 134. He sees one limping, still holding it's heavy load. The ant had lost one leg. Finally, on page 130, a prupita had attacked the parakeets nest and eaten the parakeet's babies. This is another piece of evidence that shows that nature can be cruel.
I believe that nature has not been cruel to Tirio. For one, Tirio has a bad foot, "most sick baby's are soon killed after they are born," (189) though "you were born under a lucky moon..." (189). Which shows that nature didn't kill Tirio from the start, which is a good thing. Secondly, on page 133, Tirio has luck when he comes across a tree with ripe fruit and fresh rain water from the big leaves. Also on the same page, the Good Gods sent Tirio a sign. A green arrow, -made out of leaves and ants carrying them- pointing towards a path. This also shows that nature is on his side. Lastly, pages 116,117, and 118 is about when Tirio gets led by the orange and yellow eyed caiman, to the point when he feels he has to stop the boat and start his soche sete tente. This is a sign, when nature is leading him to his start. The start which will lead him to what's left of his family.

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