Wednesday, October 09, 2013

PHE --- Getting Excersise

During PHE this semester, we did soccer and track and field. I learned a lot of new skills during these two units. For example, for soccer I learned a little bit about being a goal keeper. I got the chance to be a goal keeper, when we were playing against each other. Also I learned how to shoot goals with special part of your foot and I learned how to block corners from specific angles -like the post- from different class mates.
During the track and field unit though, we ran long distances and short distances, so I learned all about where and how to start these kinds or races. It was really fun racing against friends and just kids form my 6th grade. We did long jump, and my record was over 3 meters. It was 3.10 meters. Because I got past 3 meters, I was allowed to go into the final round of long jumping, against the other 4 people that got past 3 meters. Also, we did high jump. During this, I learned all about the techniques that you need to use when you are doing high jump. For example: you need to through your legs up when you are jumping towards the big mat. To wrap up, PHE this quarter was just awesome, and it was really fun and actually it helped me meet new people and make new friends! :)

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