Thursday, October 24, 2013

Starting a Fire ~ Chapters 6-10

During chapters 6-10, Brian finds a shelter, some healthy food, meets a bear, and starts a fire. It's cool how he discovers a new way of making a fire by sparks from his hatchet, paper trees, and some black rock. These chapters taught me some information, so if I were to be stranded in the jungle, now I would know a little bit of information on how to survive!

My question was after he made a fire on page 86,
How do you think that Brian is going to signal the rescue planes? Will he use his fire?
(page 86-88 + 97)

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  1. Good question Rosanne! I have no idea of what he will use, but I guess a fire would be unlikely because the fire might die before rescue comes and he wont know when he'll have it available.