Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Finally Going Home ~ Chapters 16-19 and Epilogue.

During Chapters 16-19 and the Epilogue, a Tornado comes, destroyed Brians home and he had to rebuild it. After the tornado, the tail of the plane he crash landed with, stuck out of the water. Once he noticed that, he remembered that there was a survival pack in there. He started to get to work to get it. He built a raft, which he could stand on. While he was pushing it towards the plane, all the dead limbs that stuck out ot the raft, kept on catching on the plants in the water, or just the mud or sand beneath. Though, with a lot of effort, got it out. In the survival pack was a lot of food, matches, first aid kit, and a rifle with bullets. The rifle made him feel strange, different. He didn't really like the feeling. (173)

Clarifying Question: If the dead limbs stick in the water, why can't he just cut them off?
Discussion Question: Why did Brain feel different when he picked up the rifle? He felt a little
                                  uncomfortable, why? (173)

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