Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Matter Does Matter ~ Final Reflection

During this quarter we learned all about Matter and it's Buikding Blocks. I learned a LOT of different things. Things like the formulas for specific types of atoms. I learned about molecules, What a compound and element atom is, the difference between an atom and a molecule. How molecules move in a specific phase of matter, and more. 
Above is a video that Claudia Nanez, Tashi Guarda, and I made for science. We answered some questions related to experiments we'd done in class. One experiment was with methylene blue, we put one drop into a beaker with water, and waited 4 days, then gathered out results. The second experiment is when we blew up a balloon, then we measured the circumference of it's widest peak. Next we kept it in a box for 4 days, then came back to it and measured the circumference again on the same spot, and recorded our results. 

Here is my KWHLAQ chart:

What did I know about matter? =

The stuff inside your body

•Matter makes something something
•It gives weight or mass to something

What Do I want to know? =

•Are different types and/or amounts more dangerous than others?
•I want to know more about John Dalton

How will I find out? =

•Scientists= the news
•Talking to People

What have I learned? =

•Matter has atoms and molecules
•Atoms were discovered by Democritus, but then rediscovered by John D. in the 1800’s
•If you do an experiment, where you add 1 drop of methylene blue i n to water, and leave it there for 4 days, it will look like:
  • Methylene Blue: Spread out in the beaker, so not all packed in one place.
•The difference between Mass and Weight is that mass is the stuff inside something and weight is the pull of gravity on an object.
•The greenhouse effect is "the warming up of the earth" from certain gasses
•Those certain gasses are: methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide
•In a greenhouse, when sun rays shine on a greenhouse, it goes through the glass in the greenhouse. The hot air gets trapped inside and so makes a warm air for plants, animals and humans inside the greenhouse. It's the same as our planet, which gets warmed up by the sun, and so creates a nice warm air for us to live in. The greenhouse gasses help with this. If we didn't have these gasses, the world would be -33º celcius; so way to cold for us to live in. If the greenhouse effect gets too out of hand, then the earth could warm up and it could influence weather, and it could cause problems to the environment. Scientists have researched more in this and are finding that it is already starting to happen, this is what they call global warming.
•The main cause of global warming, are the greenhouse gasses. The effect it is having on our planet now is not so good. Especially the carbon dioxide and the methane gasses.
•It is mostly caused by humans, for example: burning fossil fuels=more and more carbon dioxide an deforestation and forest fires is bad because plants and trees give oxygen and take in carbon dioxide gasses.

How will I take action? = 

•I'm going to try to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses that goes into the air by:
•Reduce, reuse, and recycling
•Use less air conditioning and heaters
•Plant a tree! I've always wanted to do that! :)
•Turn off the hot water when I'm not using it
•Turn of the lights, since they give heat

What questions do I have? = 

•Are different types and/or amounts more dangerous than others?
•Is planet earth, matter?
•How did democritus come to the idea that atoms existed?

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