Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Slime in Science!

On December 2nd, Monday 2013, we did a super cool slime experiment in Science! We used 4% Borax and 50% Glue and food coloring to make our own slimes! We took the slimes we made home and now we can play with them and stuff!

Borax = Looks like water, runny, transparent, liquid
Glue = White, liquid, sticky

Polymers: A polymer is a substance that is made up of a long chain of molecules from the same sort.

Some examples of Polymers from my house:
Water bottle
Flip Flops
Plastic mini-basket


Claudia and I worked together on the slime project, and we worked really well together to achieve the making of a good slime!

Recipe 1: 1 tbsp Glue + 3 tbsp Borax
This recipe was too liquidy, so we added 4 more extra tbsp of Glue

Recipe 2: 2 tbsp Glue + 2 tbsp Borax
This recipe was to gloppy, but still very loose, so we added 8 more tbsp of glue

Recipe 3: 3 tbsp Glue + 1 tbsp Borax
This recipe was too sticky. To correct it, we added 2 tbsp of Glue

CORRECT RECIPE = Recipe 4: 5 tbsp Glue + 1 tbsp Borax
The perfect Slime, it was sticky, gloppy, and still great! This one turned out awesomely!

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