Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SUTTS Final Reflection

When I first went to SUTTS, I thought I wouldn't really have much fun because I already felt comfortable talking in-front of a stage, though after this quarter, I see that there is waaay more to talking in-front of an audience than just standing there and talking.

Something that was really awesome during this quarter is that we got to collaborate with different people and present a couple of different projects
Something that I'm going to take away from SUTTS, is presentation details. The delivery, the actual slides of the presentation, and talking in-front of the audience. The specific tips for those things.
Something that could have been better in this quarter is that I would have like to finish the "play-type-of-thing" that we wrote. I would have liked to close that up better.

Overall this class was really fun. I highly recommend that you take this class!

Down below are some questions and answers to my informative speech, and presenting in general. Here is the LINK to my presentation.

1)  What are the qualities of creating a strong presentation?  (Content and Preparation)
  • Be Prepared
  • Visuals
  • Project your voice
  • Volume, Tone, Pace, Dynamics
  • Body Language: Be engaging
  • Don’t look at the board, look at the audience
  • Cite your sources

2)  What are the qualities of delivering a strong presentation?  (Delivery)
  • It has to be engaging
  • Make sure the audience likes what you’re talking about

3)  What did you feel was one strength of your informative speech?
My visuals and the amount of text on one page

4)  What was one area you feel you still could improve upon?
I think I could improve upon time limits. I did it in 3 minutes, though it was supposed to be between 5-7 minutes. I should have practiced a bit more with a timer!

5)  What would you do differently the next time you have to present before an audience?
I would practice more, in-front of my mom, brothers, sister, and practice with a timer and see if my siblings and/or parents actually like the presentation. I could ask them for feedback and stuff.

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