Sunday, February 23, 2014

Revealing Doon

Is Doon who you think he is?

Doon has a lot of mood swings because of the lack of resources that Ember has, and then that the mayor is using all of it only for himself. On page 158 he is telling Lina bout what he saw in the room in tunnel 351. His word choice shows that he does not like it at all that the mayor is eating rare food and nobody else gets a bit. All the medicine and clothes in the room and being kept in boxes, while for example, Lina's granny just died. She could have been saved if there was medicine, which is running out in the city, while there is a whole supply kept in the small room. Then continuing on his actions show that he never really liked the mayor. (158-159) Earlier on in the story, on page 88, he is talking with his father, right after Mayor Cole announced that they're working on finding solutions. Doon asks his dad if he thinks that the mayor is a fool, because that is what he thinks. His actions and language clearly show he has no interest in the mayors ways. After he talks with his dad, ‘he shoves his hands in his pockets, and scowls.’ You can tell by his actions and language, that he gets worked up because of what the mayor is doing; eating all the food and not sharing whilst the city has barely anything.


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  1. Rosanne, you have provided a lot of evidence that Doon does not like the mayor. I like how you have decided to explore Doon's language as a way of showing this dislike. Your post is most effective when you provide specific quotes that demonstrate this. I would have liked to have heard what Doon tells Lina on page 158. Finally, before publishing your post, be sure to see if you evidence matches your claim. In this case, you mention that Doon has mood swings because of the mayor's behavior. If this is true, then be sure to find more evidence that support this idea. If not, then you might consider revising your claim to more closely match the evidence you have gathered.