Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ember + Curiosity = Not Good.

Discussion Question 2:
Do you think that Ember is a city that encourages curiosity in its residents? Why or why not? Does this ultimately help or hurt the city? Use evidence from the text to support your thinking.

I claim that ember is a city that definately not encourages people to be curious and because of that it can hurt the city. I believe this because on page 217 Lina got caught by the guards, and got sent to the mayor's office. The way he was talking to her and what he was saying shows that he doesn't like what Lina is doing and that she is being curious. He said on page 217: "Curiosity... a dangerous quality. Unhealthy. Especially regrettable in one so young... ...Ember, as you know, is in a time of difficulty. Extraordinary measures are necessary. This is a time when citizens should be most loyal. Most law-abiding. For the good of all." Here he is talking about why being curious is a bad thing. The people of ember have to be "law-abiding." They have to be "loyal." They can't do anything that would break the law. They can't be curious to figure things out, because the mayor says so. Also, continuing on to page 218, they mayor is still talking with Lina. They way he is talking, makes it sound like he has something to hide. "The duties of a mayor, are...complex. Cannot be understood by regular citizens, particularly children. That is why..., certain things much remain hidden from the public. The public would not understand. The public must have faith, that all is being done for their benefit. For their own good." This part makes it sound like he is hiding something. This makes me wonder if he is talking about the small room with all the supplies. The mayor doesn't know that Lina knows about that. Another part in the story, much earlier, also shows that it can hurt the city, or citizens. Next, part of my claim states that because Ember is not letting their citizens be curious that it can hurt the city. On pages 63-65, a man named Sage Merrall, comes panting back from the darkness. "...was sure I could do it. I said to myself, Just one step after another, that's all, one step after another I knew it would be dark Who doesn't know that? But I though, Well, dark can't hurt you, I'll just keep going, I though..." This man went into the unknown regions. He came back, scared, panting, with the idea that whatever was out there, would hurt him or kill him. Also, if Lina and Doon hadn't discovered the way out of Ember, they'd still be stuck in Ember, with resources running out and a very greedy mayor. Lina and Doon first discovered the instructions (93), then when they figured out what it meant, they started looking for the E scribbled on stone by the river's edge(180). They immediately go to the pipe works, and discover the ladder (182), and then soon figured out about the little room with the boat, the candles and the matches (187-189)

BLUE = Explanation, questions, connections
RED = Textual Evidence
PURPLE = Claim

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