Monday, March 10, 2014


To the left are my other group members, Claudia Nanez and Tashi Guarda.

My science fair project was about what happens when you drop different flavoured mentos in coke and why. We tested this experiment, with 3 different flavoured mentos. We used mint, mixed fruit, and licorice. We dropped three of the same flavoured mentos in diet coke and then we watched and observed the reaction.

I learned that the more syrup is in the mentos to create the flavour, the more the pores on the surface of the mentos get clogged up, and so block the carbon dioxide from the coke flow through and create a reaction that wouldn't be as big. Mentos and coke is a physical reaction having to do with the pores on the surface of the mentos. I've learned that, even though everyone says mint gives a higher bomb, it actually doesn't. Mint has a lot of syrups in it to give it a fresher and stronger taste. Because of that the mint mentos don't give out the higher "explosions". Mint gave the lowest "explosions".

I wanted to this, and this is also how we did it, use different sources and websites to give us more knowledge. We wanted to experiment the flavours of course and we wanted to predict before we let the mentos drop into the coke.

A question I'm still wondering about is, if the type of fizz drink matters when you drop mentos in the coke. It would have to be a different experiment.

The most difficult and frustrating part of the whole process was the researching stage, because there were all these different websites, but you never knew if they were true or not, and when you typed in "coke and mentos" for example, it would come up different documentaries people made of them doing and experiment. We had to look hard and make sure that whatever the website was saying was true and if it made sense. We tried looking for books, but we couldn't find anything on coke and mentos and why it explodes and all.

The most enjoyable part of the science fair was the experimentation part, because it was really fun to go with my group down to the field, and look at the coke explode! It was pretty enjoyable and fun to do the experiments.

A project I really liked was in a 7th grade classroom, there was a group who did their project on kites, and which size kite worked the best. I really liked this one because it was really original, and their findings and research really backed up what they were talking about. They were really prepared and organized to talk to me when I came to their stand.

A challenge my group faced was the topic itself. We had a small disagreement about what the topic should be. Also, we never really discussed what we would do and why and how we would would do it. Once we came up with the coke and mentos, something we all liked, we worked really hard to catch up with the rest of the class. During class time, we finished the researching, and we all worked a little at home. We decided altogether who was to bring what for the experiments and then we all co-operated. We communicated much more. In the end, everything worked out! :)

If I could change something I did in the science fair presentation I could have talked a little slower. I saw afterwards in the form that the audience filled out, someone had put down that: "Rosanne had to talk a little slower." So next time I'm going to present I think that that is something I could think about. This feedback will be handy in the future because then I could have a little "advice" before I go up.

This science fair I worked in a group. I would chose it again, because the work gets done faster. But it would be nice to work alone maybe also because then you get to chose how you want everything to look like and all. With a group there is much more deciding to do.

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