Friday, April 18, 2014

Lab 8: Looking at Lettuce

Here are some comparisons I made between the Elodea leaf cells and the Lettuce leaf cells:

Chloroplasts are usually found in leaves of plants, so plant cells, because when a plant has chloroplasts, it can perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is when plants produce and storage there food. Guard Cells are part of the "coffee bean". They guard cells, guard the stoma. There are always two guard cells found protecting the sotma. The cells are found around the stomata, which are holes. They are found in the epidermis of the plant leaves. Depending on the amount of water a plant has, the guard cells change their shape. The guard cells control the opening and closing of the stomata, so that only when it is necessary the gasses come in. 

I think that the existence of plants and other producers in our lives is very important. Most of the plants on earth produce photosynthesis, and photosynthesis converts sunlight and carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen, and we need to breath in oxygen to live. Also other plants and trees let out oxygen so it's very important that we breath in oxygen. Also, the more plants and trees, the fresher the oxygen is. 

Something I'd like to look into for my Leeuwenhoek moment, is to find out what would happen to the chloroplasts in a plant if a plant were placed in darkness for a long time. I predict that the amount of chloroplasts in a plant would lessen, because chloroplasts produce photosynthesis, and since they need sunlight for that, they wouldn't be able to. Also plants can't grow in the darkness, they need light so that would also have an affect on the amount of chloroplasts. Also, I'd like to look into what would happen to the guard cells and stomata if a plant did not receive enough water for several days? Would it just stop moving and wait until the water comes? Or since the plant needs water to to survive, will it die? I think that it will just stop moving, but I think that since it's not working it will have some kind of effect on the plant because it's not doing anything. Also, if the plant is in the sun and it contains chloroplasts, it could still be able to have food stored so the plant could still live, and the guard cell and the stomata could just not do anything. 
I'm excited to try out these experiments! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lab 9 - What can Water Do?

I think that a drop of water can be any size. It could be big enough to cover a couch, or it can be small to match the size of a key. I think that when we do our experiment on water, I think that the water from our fishtank will be a bit dirty because it has fish in it, and fish are just like us, they need to go to the bathroom. The water will be a bit infected when we look at it. For the water form Represa Guarapiranga, I think that it could be clean enough to be used as drinking water, but it could be infected if rain water has fallen into the reservoir, and since Brazil is a tropical country it could be possible. Water from waterfalls can be clean a drinkable, and can contain a lot of minerals and nutrients; though with some polluted waterfalls the water could be very infected and not healthy for us to drink or use. I'm not exactly sure what producers, consumers or decomposers are in science. All I know is that there might be some bacteria in the different samples of water. Either good bacteria or bad bacteria.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For the Dam vs Against the Dam: The Unbreakable Battle

If I had to describe this unit in one word, it would probably be “controversial. It’s hard to decide, whether or not the dam should have been built. All the activities we did in class, like the debate and writing the essay, has been a part of my growth in knowledge. This was a great unit for me. Still, after all this work I have done, I haven't decided yet. I'm at that point on a scale, that it’s evenly balanced. Writing the essay was controversial as well. One paragraph went smoothly, while the other was way to rocky. In the beginning of this unit, I had a fixed mind-set. I was against the dam. Though throughout the unit, I kept on thinking about my thinking, metacognition, and then I realized that you can’t say, or realize that for sure one side is correct. For the dam can argue so many things that the against the dam couldn't counter, and vise versa. I enjoyed this unit because of that. The thinking racked my brain a bit, but it got it working a lot! I hope that we do a similar unit soon, because it has been an amazing experience to work with my teammates and the whole class.

Here is a link to my Argumentative essay.
Here is a link to my reflection document.

Before our Final Performance

After watching some of the play that the other Theatre 6 class had presented, I thought that my group had a couple of areas that we needed to improve. I saw that the groups didn't just say what happened in 600 BC, they showed most of it. Our play, is about a couple of kids that have to write a report about ancient greek times, and they travel back in time and learn a lot of different facts about theatre in greek times. In our play we just say a lot of facts, we don't show it or act it out. Also, they transitioned their scenes very well. When people weren't acting, they were changing some set parts, and you couldn't hear the shuffling of chairs or squeaking noises, you could hear the actors acting. I think that my group could work a bit more on these parts of our play. 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Physical Education, 2014

During PE this semester, we have done the units Handball and Gymnastics. Handball was a tough unit. Not necessarily hards, but really hard-core. During this unit, the boys really started showing off how strong they were by throwing the ball as hard as they could into the goal. It was a pretty fun unit, because there was a lot of team work, and I think I always got a good team, with my friends or with good players. I learned a lot from this unit. I learned more throwing techniques, more teamwork skills. There was a lot of teamwork involved because we had to figure out small strategies to score and get around the other players.

In gymnastics, we learned a couple of good roles and some "pyramid" and "pair activities." I felt a lot more comfortable once mr. Futada had showed us some good and safe methods of doing a lot of different gymnastics activities. In one of our gymnastics classes, we had to bring out laptops, because there was an online booklet that we used. It had a variety of activities in them and we did some of them. We paired up, (I was paired with Tea Schmid) and we did a couple of the exercises in there. After we completed some of the pair activities, we joined groups with another pair, and did some other activities with them (Laura Somoza and Belen Angelini.) It was pretty fun during the unit because I did a lot more things and I tried a lot more things. Last year, in my old school, we did a unit of gymnastics too. It was pretty fun, but I was a lot more scared to do the activities. This year though, I felt a lot more confident and I did everything! I'm pretty proud of myself for completing these activities.

Currently, we are doing Team Building. We started this unit last week. It's pretty fun, though some of my peers aren't really "fit for the job". They won't co-operate and keep thinking they can do everything and don't want to be in a team. They want to do everything. That kind of ruins the purpose of the unit, so I'm hoping through the course of time that that'll get better.

Metacognition Project Reflection

Metacognition, so thinking about your thinking, is pretty interesting actually. I learnt all about it in Math class this year. To me, metacognition is questions. Why. Why does it work the way it does? Why did I have to use this method? I'm pretty happy that ms. J taught us all about this, because in semester 1, and in the 3rd quarter I was struggling a bit with the core value reflection. Since I learnt about metacognition I have been very aware of what I'm doing. Not in the sense of being self-conscious of every move I make, but in the way that I'm understanding what I'm doing.

I have an inner voice. I think that the whole purpose of the iPad projects, was to find my math inner voice, and use it. I think I found that inner voice. I'm pretty proud of myself for that because it was with my first projects, it was pretty hard, though now, for sure I found it. It helps me wonder, and think: Should I use this chart or this chart? Which method works best?

Reflecting on my thinking, and listening to my inner voice while doing math has helped a lot. Just like a said before, it has helped me during and outside of math. I feel that reflecting about my inner thinking is a better way to reflect because it really guides you to thinking about what you've done.

This year I learned that I'm good at looking at a project logically. In the first semester I feel like I was kind of developing this skill. Now I look at different questions logically and it helps me so I'm pretty glad that I can do this!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Theatre 6 ~ Researching the Greek Project

I think that researching Greek Drama and Theatre was pretty good. There were a lot of websites and books to look through. As a group we worked really well together and I think that we are very prepared for making the script. Something that really surprised me was that when people throw rotten food for at people, that that story started with the Greek plays. I was pretty surprised when Alessandra was writing that down! Working with my group was pretty good. Everyone answered at least 2 questions, and we helped each other on questions that were tougher to answer than others. Sometimes trying to stay on task was a little hard. Some people were listening to music the whole time, and then they would share what they were listening to the whole time and it got me a little off track sometimes. 
I'm glad I took part in the researching stage because I found out a lot of new facts about theatre, and I really like theatre so all this new knowledge I have can help me in the future! 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Reflexão de Portugues, Abril de 2014

For portuguese this quarter, I did a number of different activities to grow my understanding of the language. I joined the "extra" group. As being part of this group, I had to do different activities that would push my learning to its expense and I did this with 4 other people. It was pretty interesting to learn all these knew things. For me, I think it is actually pretty easy, because my knowledge of other languages helped me to understand more. Since I moved around a lot in my previous years I got to learn a plethia of languages. Languages like french, dutch, arabic, even english, which I consider a first language. Portuguese is an awesome language. I can't wait to continue learning more! 
This is one of the activities that I did while in the "extra" group.
This is a read aloud activity that I did. I had to be able to
pronounce the words correctly without mistakes,
and I had accomplished this activity easily!

Para português neste ano, eu fiz atividades diferentes para estudar da língua. Entrei para o grupo "extra". Como fazer parte deste grupo, eu tinha que fazer diferentes atividades que estao no livro "Muito Prazer: Fale O Portugues Do Brasil". Foi muito interessante aprender todas essas coisas para mim. Eu acho que é realmente muito fácil, porque o meu conhecimento de outras línguas me ajudou a entender. Eu mudei muito e eu tenho que aprender a muitos de linguas, como o francês, holandês, árabe, inglês, mesmo, que eu considero uma primeira língua. O português é uma língua incrível. Eu não posso esperar para continuar a aprender mais!

Reflecting of Science, Quarter 3

This has been a great quarter in science. I think that I have worked harder, tried my best and have been a better student in science. Having the science fair, the cells experiment, and everything else has been awesome!

I think the core value "Curious" Is most reflected in my work and learning. I think this because I am showing a lot curiosity during the activities. Even though the Science Fair happened in February, I think I showed a lot of curiosity in my topic, because I knew nothing about it and I asked a lot of questions. Also, during the Cell labs I was very curious on how everything worked, why the cells worked they way they did. Also, when I had my mini- Leeuwenhoek moment, I was curious about some cloth. I checked the microscope I saw a ton of different fibres and other things.

The core value I really want to work on is being more of a critical thinker in science. I think I want to be more of a Critical Thinker in Science, because then I can be able to observe the different parts more. If I be more of a critical thinker in science, then I can see that in one cell I saw a nucleus and in another cell I saw another nucleus. I found that during the Cell experiment, I couldn't tell that there was a nucleus till ms. Pro had pointed it out.

A plan of action I want to take to be more of a critical thinker, is to ask questions. I had a lot of questions, but I never asked them. I think that to become a better critical thinker is to ask more questions. I believe that this will help me with thinking about what everything is. I always wonder it but I never really know the answer because I don't ask people. That's my plan of action!

I think that I was most successful in being a Risk-Taker in science. I think this because I was very brave to try out the different experiments and activities. The third quarter goes all the way back to January. I think that during the science fair that I was brave to go up and present about my topic. I think that my group and I had a lot to talk about. We were very prepared on the day, and we were all very confident. Also I think that I was very successful in Being a Risk-Taker during the different experiments we did, because everything was very knew to me.

A Learning Habit I think I presented very well during the third quarter was being a participated student. I listened to instruction and completed tasks with care. I found that in the first quarter, and a little bit of the second quarter, I hadn't paid attention a lot to what was being said and what happened. Third quarter though, I think went pretty well.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Core Values Reflection #2

I think I have shown most success in the core value Critical Thinker, because in my subjects I think I presented that well. In humanities, we had a debate, about the Three Gorges Dam in China, and if it should have been built or not. I was part of the first group that debated. My group was against the dam. I feel that when I was debating that I could come up with different logical explanations really fast. Rebutting was actually one of my favourite parts of the entire debate! Also, we have had to write argumentative essays, and I think it turned out pretty well! 

 I think that I have shown the most progress and growth in the core value Reflective. I think this because I notice with myself a lot that I'm thinking about things a lot more. I'm thinking about why things happened, and why I contributed, or why I didn't contribute to it. Recently I started writing in my notebook 3 questions: 1. What happened? 2. What did I do? 3. What could have changed? This has been helping me just let it all out and think about it. For myself, I know I won't be able to write something everyday, but I think when big things happen, that it's a good place for me to write. It's been helping me a lot and I think that's it's a good strategy for myself. 

I think that the core value I'm most struggling is Balanced. I think this because lately I have been spending a lot of time singing, in preparation for our choir trip, which we will be going to on the 8th-13th. I think that it has influenced me a lot, because I haven't been as concentrated on homework and exercising as much.

My performance in academics changed a lot since the first quarter. In the first semester, I was a lot more scared because I was knew to this school, and so I was a little nervous. Also the settling in took a while. Another reason that my learning changed, is because I know a lot more. With all my knew knowledge, I am looking at the world a lot differently. Now I know about China's Three Gorges Dam, I know about Apartheid, and I have a lot more background knowledge on economics.

Recently outside of school, I have started taking piano and vocal lessons again, every monday. I'm really happy to be back in playing, because I really lost a lot of knowledge because I didn't have and piano to practice on. My teacher is very enthusiastic and I'm happy to be having lessons from him. Currently, I am learning the song "The Climb", by Miley Cyrus.