Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For the Dam vs Against the Dam: The Unbreakable Battle

If I had to describe this unit in one word, it would probably be “controversial. It’s hard to decide, whether or not the dam should have been built. All the activities we did in class, like the debate and writing the essay, has been a part of my growth in knowledge. This was a great unit for me. Still, after all this work I have done, I haven't decided yet. I'm at that point on a scale, that it’s evenly balanced. Writing the essay was controversial as well. One paragraph went smoothly, while the other was way to rocky. In the beginning of this unit, I had a fixed mind-set. I was against the dam. Though throughout the unit, I kept on thinking about my thinking, metacognition, and then I realized that you can’t say, or realize that for sure one side is correct. For the dam can argue so many things that the against the dam couldn't counter, and vise versa. I enjoyed this unit because of that. The thinking racked my brain a bit, but it got it working a lot! I hope that we do a similar unit soon, because it has been an amazing experience to work with my teammates and the whole class.

Here is a link to my Argumentative essay.
Here is a link to my reflection document.

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