Friday, April 18, 2014

Lab 8: Looking at Lettuce

Here are some comparisons I made between the Elodea leaf cells and the Lettuce leaf cells:

Chloroplasts are usually found in leaves of plants, so plant cells, because when a plant has chloroplasts, it can perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is when plants produce and storage there food. Guard Cells are part of the "coffee bean". They guard cells, guard the stoma. There are always two guard cells found protecting the sotma. The cells are found around the stomata, which are holes. They are found in the epidermis of the plant leaves. Depending on the amount of water a plant has, the guard cells change their shape. The guard cells control the opening and closing of the stomata, so that only when it is necessary the gasses come in. 

I think that the existence of plants and other producers in our lives is very important. Most of the plants on earth produce photosynthesis, and photosynthesis converts sunlight and carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen, and we need to breath in oxygen to live. Also other plants and trees let out oxygen so it's very important that we breath in oxygen. Also, the more plants and trees, the fresher the oxygen is. 

Something I'd like to look into for my Leeuwenhoek moment, is to find out what would happen to the chloroplasts in a plant if a plant were placed in darkness for a long time. I predict that the amount of chloroplasts in a plant would lessen, because chloroplasts produce photosynthesis, and since they need sunlight for that, they wouldn't be able to. Also plants can't grow in the darkness, they need light so that would also have an affect on the amount of chloroplasts. Also, I'd like to look into what would happen to the guard cells and stomata if a plant did not receive enough water for several days? Would it just stop moving and wait until the water comes? Or since the plant needs water to to survive, will it die? I think that it will just stop moving, but I think that since it's not working it will have some kind of effect on the plant because it's not doing anything. Also, if the plant is in the sun and it contains chloroplasts, it could still be able to have food stored so the plant could still live, and the guard cell and the stomata could just not do anything. 
I'm excited to try out these experiments! 

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