Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lab 9 - What can Water Do?

I think that a drop of water can be any size. It could be big enough to cover a couch, or it can be small to match the size of a key. I think that when we do our experiment on water, I think that the water from our fishtank will be a bit dirty because it has fish in it, and fish are just like us, they need to go to the bathroom. The water will be a bit infected when we look at it. For the water form Represa Guarapiranga, I think that it could be clean enough to be used as drinking water, but it could be infected if rain water has fallen into the reservoir, and since Brazil is a tropical country it could be possible. Water from waterfalls can be clean a drinkable, and can contain a lot of minerals and nutrients; though with some polluted waterfalls the water could be very infected and not healthy for us to drink or use. I'm not exactly sure what producers, consumers or decomposers are in science. All I know is that there might be some bacteria in the different samples of water. Either good bacteria or bad bacteria.

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