Monday, April 07, 2014

Metacognition Project Reflection

Metacognition, so thinking about your thinking, is pretty interesting actually. I learnt all about it in Math class this year. To me, metacognition is questions. Why. Why does it work the way it does? Why did I have to use this method? I'm pretty happy that ms. J taught us all about this, because in semester 1, and in the 3rd quarter I was struggling a bit with the core value reflection. Since I learnt about metacognition I have been very aware of what I'm doing. Not in the sense of being self-conscious of every move I make, but in the way that I'm understanding what I'm doing.

I have an inner voice. I think that the whole purpose of the iPad projects, was to find my math inner voice, and use it. I think I found that inner voice. I'm pretty proud of myself for that because it was with my first projects, it was pretty hard, though now, for sure I found it. It helps me wonder, and think: Should I use this chart or this chart? Which method works best?

Reflecting on my thinking, and listening to my inner voice while doing math has helped a lot. Just like a said before, it has helped me during and outside of math. I feel that reflecting about my inner thinking is a better way to reflect because it really guides you to thinking about what you've done.

This year I learned that I'm good at looking at a project logically. In the first semester I feel like I was kind of developing this skill. Now I look at different questions logically and it helps me so I'm pretty glad that I can do this!

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