Monday, April 07, 2014

Physical Education, 2014

During PE this semester, we have done the units Handball and Gymnastics. Handball was a tough unit. Not necessarily hards, but really hard-core. During this unit, the boys really started showing off how strong they were by throwing the ball as hard as they could into the goal. It was a pretty fun unit, because there was a lot of team work, and I think I always got a good team, with my friends or with good players. I learned a lot from this unit. I learned more throwing techniques, more teamwork skills. There was a lot of teamwork involved because we had to figure out small strategies to score and get around the other players.

In gymnastics, we learned a couple of good roles and some "pyramid" and "pair activities." I felt a lot more comfortable once mr. Futada had showed us some good and safe methods of doing a lot of different gymnastics activities. In one of our gymnastics classes, we had to bring out laptops, because there was an online booklet that we used. It had a variety of activities in them and we did some of them. We paired up, (I was paired with Tea Schmid) and we did a couple of the exercises in there. After we completed some of the pair activities, we joined groups with another pair, and did some other activities with them (Laura Somoza and Belen Angelini.) It was pretty fun during the unit because I did a lot more things and I tried a lot more things. Last year, in my old school, we did a unit of gymnastics too. It was pretty fun, but I was a lot more scared to do the activities. This year though, I felt a lot more confident and I did everything! I'm pretty proud of myself for completing these activities.

Currently, we are doing Team Building. We started this unit last week. It's pretty fun, though some of my peers aren't really "fit for the job". They won't co-operate and keep thinking they can do everything and don't want to be in a team. They want to do everything. That kind of ruins the purpose of the unit, so I'm hoping through the course of time that that'll get better.

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