Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Reflecting of Science, Quarter 3

This has been a great quarter in science. I think that I have worked harder, tried my best and have been a better student in science. Having the science fair, the cells experiment, and everything else has been awesome!

I think the core value "Curious" Is most reflected in my work and learning. I think this because I am showing a lot curiosity during the activities. Even though the Science Fair happened in February, I think I showed a lot of curiosity in my topic, because I knew nothing about it and I asked a lot of questions. Also, during the Cell labs I was very curious on how everything worked, why the cells worked they way they did. Also, when I had my mini- Leeuwenhoek moment, I was curious about some cloth. I checked the microscope I saw a ton of different fibres and other things.

The core value I really want to work on is being more of a critical thinker in science. I think I want to be more of a Critical Thinker in Science, because then I can be able to observe the different parts more. If I be more of a critical thinker in science, then I can see that in one cell I saw a nucleus and in another cell I saw another nucleus. I found that during the Cell experiment, I couldn't tell that there was a nucleus till ms. Pro had pointed it out.

A plan of action I want to take to be more of a critical thinker, is to ask questions. I had a lot of questions, but I never asked them. I think that to become a better critical thinker is to ask more questions. I believe that this will help me with thinking about what everything is. I always wonder it but I never really know the answer because I don't ask people. That's my plan of action!

I think that I was most successful in being a Risk-Taker in science. I think this because I was very brave to try out the different experiments and activities. The third quarter goes all the way back to January. I think that during the science fair that I was brave to go up and present about my topic. I think that my group and I had a lot to talk about. We were very prepared on the day, and we were all very confident. Also I think that I was very successful in Being a Risk-Taker during the different experiments we did, because everything was very knew to me.

A Learning Habit I think I presented very well during the third quarter was being a participated student. I listened to instruction and completed tasks with care. I found that in the first quarter, and a little bit of the second quarter, I hadn't paid attention a lot to what was being said and what happened. Third quarter though, I think went pretty well.

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  1. Rosanne, your energy, positive attitude, and curiosity are contagious! I truly enjoy seeing you exploring and becoming a better observer in your Leeuwenhoek moments!