Sunday, April 06, 2014

Theatre 6 ~ Researching the Greek Project

I think that researching Greek Drama and Theatre was pretty good. There were a lot of websites and books to look through. As a group we worked really well together and I think that we are very prepared for making the script. Something that really surprised me was that when people throw rotten food for at people, that that story started with the Greek plays. I was pretty surprised when Alessandra was writing that down! Working with my group was pretty good. Everyone answered at least 2 questions, and we helped each other on questions that were tougher to answer than others. Sometimes trying to stay on task was a little hard. Some people were listening to music the whole time, and then they would share what they were listening to the whole time and it got me a little off track sometimes. 
I'm glad I took part in the researching stage because I found out a lot of new facts about theatre, and I really like theatre so all this new knowledge I have can help me in the future! 

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