Saturday, May 24, 2014

CyberBullying Scene - Evaluating the Process

I think that Alessandra did a good job with directing the scene. She directed the first scene, and I think that she was friendly, but got to the point. She made sure that everything was done correctly, and was able to hand the role of the director to the next person without difficulty. I think that Gabe wasn't that good of a director. He was very commanding, which was good, but I think that he could have made his part of the scene more meaningful. That's the only thing.
I think that our group developed a good scene, but I think that our ending of our scene isn't effective. There is a physical fight and then people suddenly become friends again, which isn't super realistic. I think that our beginning and middle is AMAZING. It is powerful, and I think that that will send a clear message to the 5th grade audience.

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