Thursday, May 08, 2014

Theatre in Education

A TiE production differs from an actual theatre production because a TiE production is more for educational purposes. A theatre production lacks the educational part that a TiE production does have. A TiE production starts with an educational topic, and then the theatre is developed around the topic. A TiE production is different from a Children's production and/or a Community production because a Children's production and/or a Community production is not aimed to educate people, they are aimed to entertain people.
Something that teachers could do to prepare for a TiE visit is to prepare a document with a variety of questions. For example if the TiE was about how to evacuate in a fire, teachers could prepare questions like: What is the most important thing to do? Where are the fire extinguishers located? How do you use a fire extinguisher? Things like that, so you could make sure that students are fully engaged. Also, after the TiE you could have a discussion with the students and talk with them about what they learned and they could discuss the questions that were on the paper.

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