Tuesday, June 03, 2014

BRICS Summit

What was the process we went through?  Describe it in detail.
This journey was long but exciting. First, we chose a topic –gender, health, employment, education or environment. Next, we researched into the topic we were placed in, I was in health. Individually, we wrote research papers. Once all that was done, we prepared our selves for the summit. I was chosen to present a speech for the Health group in Mr. Z's Block 1.6. 

How did it feel collaborating with so many people?
It felt special, you didn't have to work alone, and you got all these new definitions and stories about your topic (For me, Health). 

Where did you see examples of the Core Values?
I think that i saw a lot of communicating when we were divided into the groups, because we hall had things to share, and nobody disrespected anyone. 

What was the most challenging aspect of the summit?  What was the easiest aspect?
The challenging part, was deciding all together on a resolution. Everyone thought theirs was good, so it was a bit of a challenge to merge the ideas together and create good resolution. Eventually, we worked our way out of it though, and if turned out pretty good.

How did you feel you did?
I feel I did a good job, but I think that I could have been more of a balanced person during this unit. I was too focused on Health, that I didn't notice the fact that all the other topics tied in with Health.

So What?

Why is it important for us at Graded to be talking about poverty?
It's important because personally, I think that the Graded family is pretty wealthy. I think that now that we have had this unit, that students will think twice before they purchase something, or they donate and/ore support organizations that help the people in need. We can help end the dreadful age of poverty that people in this beautiful nation live in.

What was the purpose of having these conversations about poverty?
The purpose is the teach and learn. Now that us 6th graders know what poverty is doing, and still can do to people. I'm happy to have learnt about these things, because now I, as a student at Graded, will think twice.

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