Tuesday, July 29, 2014

AIDS Researcher Killed in Plane Crash

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'Leading AIDS Researcher, 'Always Traveling', Is Killed on His Way to a Conference'
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AIDS Researcher Killed.
Joep Lange

What is this article about?
It's about the AIDS/HIV researchers, activists, and more people in that community, who were killed in a 'senseless act of violence', on MH17 from Amsterdam to Malaysia. 

What is the main idea of the article?
The AIDS/HIV workers were killed for no reason. These people have changed lives, and they could have done more. 

Why was this article interesting?
This article touched me mostly because it's about my country but also because aboard the plane, there were life-savers, who died. The plane was shot down by an air-missile, fired by Ukrainian separatists, above the border of Ukraine and Russia. It held 298 passengers total, from 10 different countries. The MH17 was on it's way from Amsterdam to Malaysia, and had only been flying around an hour. 
An Aids researcher who was aboard this plane, Joep Lange, has been researching HIV/AIDS since 1983. It is devastating to know that he was killed in a 'senseless act of violence' (President Obama). "Joep was always travelling," said Michiel Heidenrijk, the managing director of the institute. Joep, as well as many other HIV/AIDS activists, were on their way to the International AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia. This disaster claimed many lives who had contributed to helping the world with these diseases. "The deaths of so many committed people working against HIV. will be a great loss," Michel SidibĂ©, executive director of the U.N.AIDS, the United Nations fighting the disease. 

Passengers on the plane: (298 total)
• 193 Dutch passengers
• 43 Malaysian passengers
• 27 Australian passengers
• 12 Indonesian passengers
• 10 English passengers
• 4 German passengers
• 4 Belgium passengers
• 3 Philippines passengers
• 1 Canadian passenger
• 1 New-Zealandish passenger


  1. Rosanne, I loved how you made it very clear for the reader to see what's going on. I agree, this was a "senseless act," that held many tragedies. You never know, maybe Joep Lange and his companions could've at least advance the AIDS crisis. This makes me think about the world around us. I am sorry for this tragedy in your country especially to the "life savers" who cure problems like these and I am also chocked to hear this.

    Great job on your post, your post helped me advance my thinking a lot by your thinking!

  2. Rosanne,
    Wow! I couldn't have imagined this would to happen to innocent people that were saving others and in return they die in such a horrible way. I understand why you chose this article , it connects to your country.Frankly, I think this post could't have been better.Not only because your title is so intriguing but because it really explains how this horrible incident killed people who deserved not only to live but to be rewarded.I hope to hear more about this plane and its passengers.Great post!

  3. Rosanne,
    I think it was great how you mentioned how you were emotionally touched by this plane crash because there were many Dutch passengers. But it's even greater how you explained that this man might've had the cure for the aids virus and without the act of violence, many people could've been saved. Adding on to what you said about many innocent lives were lost, down on the ground, many Ukrainian citizens said that there were shoes and bodies that fell. The reason that this is bad is because the bodies and heavy suitcases fell into homes and broke roofs and I'm sure killed some people. Honestly, I think you vividly described the meaning and the whole idea of the article. Nice job!