Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Tournament Has Come To A Closing

'World Cup 2014: Germany Defeats Argentina in Finals'
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                                                                  World Cup 2014
" Bastian Schweinsteiger, second from right, and his teammates celebrating their victory over Argentina. "

What is this article about?
This article uncovered the different perspectives from different people. The winning team, and the loosing team.

What is the main idea of the article?
Germany's win against Argentina, in the FIFA 2014 World Cup finals.

Why was this article interesting?
I think it's interesting, because it describes the different feelings that the players had. "It is absolutely sensational," Götze said. "A dream became reality." Götze scored the goal against the Argentineans and so brought the Germans to the top. The Germans have waited 24 years and a little bit, and now, they have made it again. I have some German friends, and once the final whistle was blown, they erupted into cheers. It was amazing how much soccer had invaded their lives for the 100-day period.

Though the win is the main idea, it also explains the feelings of the Argentines, such Lionel Messi. He said: "Right now, nothing else is important. All I wanted was to raise the cup." But not just the star of the show, also Javier Mascherano felt disappointed after the final whistle. "We were gutted. The pain will be for life because this was our opportunity." This article revealed the different perspectives of different people, and not just the happy parts of the tournament.

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