Sunday, August 24, 2014

Don't Trees Grow From Roots?

My myth is based on a variety of different myth concepts. Magic, Gods and Goddesses, and human characteristics are included in my story. The protagonist in my story, Naturas, is a God, and is able to sprout trees from his fingers. This is unnatural in the real world, and so would be considered magic. By sprouting the trees, he is able to form a barrier around his city and protect his people. Also, he has human characteristics, because he is kind, but not overly, and he lives just like other people do. Despite the fact that Naturas is a kind God, in the ancient myths most characters are jealous of one another. Therefore I created Malman, the God of Villains. He is vain and very jealous of Naturas. The last concept that I would like to highlight that is typical for a myth, is that there are dualities in the story. In my story, it starts out good, then something bad happens, and then good takes over again.

My myth is original because I used my own imagination and ideas to create my myth. I thought of the characters and designed them myself. I've read a lot of other myths and none of the stories include characters that can sprout trees, turn people into trees, or explain how the forests started. Some parts of the story are related to other myths or Gods/Goddesses. For example, I included Pan, God of nature, in my story to add details about how Naturas got his powers.

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