Thursday, August 21, 2014

Moving Foreword With My Goals


      One academic goal I'd like to achieve, is my fluency in portuguese verbs when speaking. When I speak, I'm trying to snatch for different words, but eventually I always need to add in those verbs. I think that knowing portuguese verbs and how to congregate them will give me a good head start with speaking articulately to other people. I wish to speak fluently about a variety of topics by the winter break. During portuguese class I'm going to try to communicate more in portuguese, and I think that my teacher will help me in this process. 
The learning habit my goal connects to is is risk-taker/perseverance because I need to keep trying and I need to keep learning new things to be able to reach my goal and to be able to say what I want to without other people helping me. 

      One personal goal I'd like to achieve is being able to balance out different things. For example, I have a lot of different activities that I do after-school, and with homework, sometimes I can get really exhausted before even starting my homework. Also, I want to hang out with friends, and be able to just relax and read. My schedule is getting way to full, so I need to drop some things and make sure I have time to do most things of my list, but all the things I do are super fun so I'd struggling to chose. I hope I can have my schedule final by the end of the first quarter. I think I'll be noticing that I have achieved this goal, every time I finished all my homework and I still have time left over or it's not super late at night. 

The learning habit this connects to is responsible, because I need to be able to choose a variety of activities form different topics, and I need to be able to manage my time wisely so I can get most things on my list completed. 

      I think that by achieving these goals, I'll be able to understand other people better and be able to respond more clearly when I've learned the verbs in portuguese. Having a conversation then will be less of a problem. I'll also be able to finish things without having to stress that much. Being able to manage my time in a way that I can cover most activities in my day would be great! I think these goals are going to be great!


Core Values:

In which of the core values have you shown the most succes? Why?
      Currently, I think I'm most effective in showing the core value: inclusive. There are multiple reasons why. To begin with, in the first weeks of school, I helped show the new students around. Knowing them in the beginning stages of their coming gives me the opportunity to get to know them better. As a result to this, I've been able to recommend activities or events in São Paulo or at Graded, knowing they might have some interest in it. Additionally, in different classes, I'm able to work with a variety of people. In physical education, when practicing a sport, I am able to train with people at different skill levels; whether they are at a higher level or maybe a lower level. For example, in ultimate frisbee and futsal, we were appointed teams. Within the different groups I was assigned in, my teammates and I worked together to think of a plethora of strategies to defeat the opposing side. Finally, by being an inclusive person, I have been able to bond more with friends from last year, and I've been able to make new ones. When I first started 7th grade, I didn't have that many people from last year in my class again. Since my schedule changed completely, I've been able to meet and work with different people. This has made me more diverse as well, as I have been 'invited' to learn about lots of different cultures. 

In which of the core values have you shown the most progress or growth? Why?

      A core value in which I have shown growth in, is curious. I've shown growth in this because I've learned much more, and I've been introduced to many different topics in my classes. An example is when went on our trip to Vale do Ribeira. Primarily, I hadn't had much knowledge on what was going on in this society. Once there, I became more interested and curious because the tour guides kept showing us many different species and/or organisms. The guides first taught us the name of the species, and then some interesting facts. Throughout the journey, I kept my eyes open, trying to spot the species that he had pointed out to us, and stopped when there was an interesting plant or insect that looked very fascinating to me. To add on, not just this, but also in my daily subjects I've been developing my curiousness. We just started a new quarter, which more most subjects, means starting new units. Usually, as students, we have to inquire into the unit to try to learn as much as possible, before the teacher actually tells us what the unit would be about. This develops my curiosity, because I have to think deeply to try to develop an understanding about what I am going to learn. 

Which of the core values is the most challenging for you? Why?

      To me, demonstrating the core value 'critical thinker' is sometimes a bit challenging. When I'm doing an activity, or trying to answer a question, I always try to search for an answer that is obvious. This isn't really helping me because I know that sometimes I need to dig a little deeper, and think out of the box, to figure out how to answer a question correctly and effectively. Although this is a challenging core value, I know that it is something I could work on. For example, when answering a question, I could think of multiple answers, instead of sticking with one simple one. 


Academic Progress

In which class or academic area have you shown the most success? Why?
      Even though it's an elective, I think I've shown the most success in Art & Clay. I remember walking into the class room on the first day of school. Boy, was I nervous! I had no knowledge on working with clay, and producing ceramics. Once done with the first lessen though, I was tons more informed on what to do in the class. I have recently finished two projects: my identity mask and my slap project, which was an accessory stand. Confidence and excitement swells up inside of me everytime I walk to the classroom because I know I can accomplish the activities. In this class I have been very innovative with my projects, and that has brought me lots of success as well.

In which class or academic area have you shown the most progress or growth? Why?
      To be honest, I've improved lots in mathematics. I say this because in the beginning of a unit, for example negative integers, I didn't really understand the subject. Though to change that situation, I asked more questions, and did some extra work at home with my sister (10th grade) and my mom. In addition, I also did some research to understand everything. Since I've been doing this, on a recent quiz I took, I received a 6 ! After receiving this grade, I thought to myself: "my hard work payed off!" 

Which class of academic area is the most challenging for you? Why?
      The portuguese language is very complicated, and I really try, but as it is the fourth-fifth language I'm learning, it's a little challenging. Speaking isn't the challenge, for me, learning the conjugations for the verbs is. During class, while speaking, I ask for the teachers help. This is helping me grow my learning, but I think I need to take an extra step, just like I did in mathematics, to be able to conjugate the verbs independently. 


  1. Great job Rosanne! Your goals are clear and show careful thought and meaning. Just be more explicit in your explanation of how your goals are connected to each of the letters of a SMART goal...did you mention how you will track your goals? One more thing, please review your labels...double check you have included the labels outlined in the goal-setting document. I look forward to following your progress this semester! During your advisory, you will share this post with your parents.

  2. Hi Rosanne! One last sure to include the specific learning habits as labels!