Monday, August 18, 2014

Is Being Wise Better that Being Hungry?

Our first Humanities project, was to create a Greek Myth Trading Card. We had to chose a character who was immortal, and had to interest to us in some way. I chose Chiron, a centaur. He was the son of the titan Kronos and the nymph Philyra.
The next step, was to read a non-Greek story, I chose Mexican, and to compare the story of your character to the non-greek story. 

Who?                                  Character Traits                Moral of the Story                 What the civilisation
                                                                                                                               believed in
Try to be smarter and make better choices and do the right thing.
They believed in centaurs, and they believed that they could teach someone to become a hero.

La Diosa Hambrienta, the Hungry Goddess
Somethings you have to live with–whether you like it or not!
They believed in creatures with eyes and mouths all around their body.

The main characters are different because Chiron is a wise person, who makes sure he knows what he's doing, and teaches others, while La Diosa Hambrienta is a person that makes tons of noise because she isn't getting her way, and she wants to have and eat everything. The difference in character traits played two big roles in the stories. Chiron taught the sons of great kings, and turned them into heroes. The greatest Greek heroes were taught by Chiron. La Diosa Hambrienta is greedy, doesn't do anything for others and wants everything for herself. 
Also, Chiron teaches a strong moral, while La Diosa Hambrienta doesn't teach anything to people who listen to their stories. Chiron makes sure you know that you need to persevere and make the right choices, while La Diosa Hambrienta's stories try teach you that sometimes you have to live with somethings, whether you like it or not! And that isn't really that positive and does't make you want to listen to more stories about La Diosa Hambrienta. 

The myths were written in different ways because they are from different countries. The different countries make sure that the stories are written in different formats and style. Their told in different languages as well. Also, different Gods and Goddesses are involved in the stories. Not the usual Zeus and Poseidon anymore! Also, the character traits of the main characters (Chiron and La Diosa Hambrienta) change the stories in many ways. Chiron's wisdom changes the story to a more serene and positive setting, while La Diosa Hambrienta's stories create a wild setting. 


  1. Rosanne,
    Your post was very intriguing, I loved it! The only thing that you could improve though is to put a little bit of the story in as well as the character traits. Some things I liked a lot are how you explained the characters very well, like Chiron was kind and thoughtful, while La Diosa Hambrienta was very greedy and self-centered. I also liked a lot how you explained the difference of the stories in general too. The languages and the gods and how they are different. You placed a bit of humor in the text at some points and that brings a sense of fun in the text too. Great job! Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Rosanne,
    I really liked your post!! I think that you explained it really well. I think you should just give some some of the stories maybe to understand how each one would act. In the other had I think that it was really intreating how you put the chart to show the reader their differences, and I think it helped my visualize it better. I really liked how you described Chiron and La Diosa Hambrienta because I think that you said the different character trait. For example, when you said that Chiron taught the greatest heroes of Greece he would think what was the right thing to do. While La Diosa Hambrienta she would did not what to do things for other people she just wanted everything for herself. I think that you did a really great job!!!