Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Relationships - Respecting, Caring, and Being Responsible

My CWW Project, and Everything That Goes With It
Title Page

Subject and Question - Page 1-2
Petar and Quilombo - Page 3-4
Conclusion and Pictures - Page 5-6

First of all, I'd like to say a big thank you to all the teachers and students (friends) that made this a fantastic trip. I'm extremely glad to have experience this with all these people.

For my project, I chose the question: How do relationships within the community help foster Responsibility, Respect, and Caring for each other in order to establish and maintain healthy interactions? This was from the health and counselling subject area. The reason I chose this question, is because I'm very interested in the three characteristics that were mentioned in the question: Responsibility, Respect, and Caring. In my opinion, these are crucial things to being a good person in life.

To show my understanding of the question, I created a "big book." I wanted to be creative and think out of the box. The best part of creating this was thinking about it. In my mind, I had created many different designs and different ways of showing my understanding. I always like to think of different possibilities. During a normal school week, usually the teachers decide what type of format, but when I heard we got to choose, my brain was already brainstorming many different ideas to portray my new knowledge.

Something that was challenging in the process, was analysing all my thoughts. I remember sitting with Ms. Arcenas, talking about all the information I had gathered on the trip. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to answer my questions correctly, but Ms. Arcenas put up with me and talked about all the knowledge I'd gathered, and eventually I was able to thoroughly answer my question, and connect it to the main question, which is: In What Ways Are Different Systems Interconnected?

I think that during the trip and when creating my project, I mostly demonstrated being curious. I was curious on the trip by asking questions, and by trying out new things. For example, at the pousada, they had many different kinds of foods, and I got out of my comfort zone and ate all the different kinds of foods. I turned out liking them a lot, especially the meat! When doing my project, I was the only one who didm't do something digital. I was curious to try new things, as I had never created a "big book" before.

All these different systems are interconnected because the all depend on each other. We need relationships within the different communities, such as the Quilombolos and the tour guides, to be able to work together and achieve things. The Quilombolos worked together, and were able to build their village, and are working together to keep the village and survive at the same time. The tour guides have to work together to teach people about the different caves in PETAR and how to preserve the caves without any real human involvement, as in the past many people had vandalised the caves by writing on them with chalk, or littering; now though, the tour guides are able to teach us that this is the wrong thing. This was just one way though, there are many other ways that the different systems interact and are interconnected.

A last big thank you to everyone (again)! I had such a good time, and I learned so much that will help me in the future.

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  1. Great final reflection on our CWW Rosanne! You made meaningful and thoughtful connections throughout this process. Continue to think critically about your participation in different experiences both in and out of school and connect your new understandings to other areas of your learning!