Friday, October 10, 2014

Electives: Learning For Fun!

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This semester, I'm taking the electives: Vocal Music, and Art & Clay. Both of these electives have been very interesting and very fun to take.

Something that I did well in these classes, is being a risk-taker. This is one of the main core values at Graded, though all are equally important. I did this by participating a lot and making sure I'm part of the class. In vocal music I tried out for a solo. The last time I tried out for a solo, I had forgotten the lines in front of the audience. Luckily, Ms. Mussete had let me sing the song again and then I did remember the lyrics. Because of the experience, I felt scared to try out again, though all my friends were really supportive and eventually I did try out. In art & clay I took a risk by taking this class. I hadn't had knowledge on clay and what to do with it. Throughout the classes I started learning about the material and how to use it effectively. Currently, I'm taking risks by trying out new concepts or skills. This could make my projects more interesting.

Reflecting upon the past 3 months, I would think that in vocal music, concentrating is sometimes a challenge. I have nearly all of my closest friends in this class. When Ms. Mussete is working with the high school boys on their part, my friends and I start chatting. If something funny is said, we'll start giggling. As soon as it is our turn, we could still be giggling, which wouldn't help us while singing... I could prevent this from happening if I start sitting farther away from my friends.

Here is the link to my art & clay website, which holds all of my projects.

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