Thursday, October 02, 2014

Futsal, Let's Play!

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For my colour, I chose gold. To me, this colour represents accomplishment and achievement. This fits with this unit, because in the beginning, I knew nothing about futsal, but now I understand more about the rules and different ways to strategise. I also know how to pass more accurately, and how to get the ball to SCORE! For me, this is a sign of achievement, and accomplishment.

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The symbol I chose for this Unit, is people holding hands. In futsal, the players on one team have to combine all their effort to score and win. Holding hands is a sign of teamwork, and that you need all the players to be able to win. Going solo can sometimes be good, but by working together you'll be able to do many more things than when you do things alone.
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For my image, I decided to pick one that demonstrates being a risk-taker. This image shows a person jumping of a cliff. This relates back to futsal because in the game, you have to put yourself out there and do something. Running up to the ball and trying to steal it from somebody, being on a team with people that you aren't really fond with. The entire game shows risk-taking. Looking back on this unit, I can see that I did try to take lot of risks. First of all, I was a goalie for many games, which for me was actually pretty scary! Secondly, I was on many different teams with lots of different people throughout the unit. Finally, in the beginning of the unit, when I was very new to this whole idea, I took a risk to learn more about it. Now, I'm proud of myself for taking all these risks, as I improved lots and learned lots as well.

Lastly, here is my self-evaluation for the learning habits:

Responsible - 3
     I give myself this grade because sometimes I'm fooling around with friends, and not listening to the instruction, though this rarely happens. The majority of this unit I have payed attention and participated positively.
Curious - 3
     I give myself this grade because I am interested in futsal, but I'm not doing extra effort to learn more information about this game.
Inclusive - 4
     I feel like I deserve this grade because I'm very open-minded about teams, winning and training. Normally, I'm not that competitive, only at times when it's really necessary. Friends or not, as long as my team and I try our best in the games. I'm not the type of person that minds if I'm not partnered up with a friend or a person I'm not particularly fond with.
Risk-Taker/Perseverance - 4
     Another high grade, but I think I deserve this grade because I persevere lots in a game, and won't mind if I win or loose. If I'm playing in an attacking position, I'll try to steal the ball from the opposing team, and pass to my team or score if I'm close enough. When I'm put in a defence, or a goalie position, then I'll try to grab the ball if it comes in the goal's direction.

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  1. Hi Rosanne, you made some meaningful and clear connections in your CSI. I love your image - when you learn to take risks, you become more open-minded to possible strategies and tactics that can include all members of your team. Please remember to follow the instructions carefully so that your blog post includes all the required elements.