Friday, October 03, 2014

Gilgamesh, the Epic Hero He Is

How is Gilgamesh an epic hero?
Gilgamesh is an epic hero, because he is brave, he went on impossible journeys to achieve greatness and he has an ‘epic’ flaw. Gilgamesh is brave, because he fought many mythical creatures and beasts. With his friend, Enkidu, he went on quests to seek out the creatures and destroy them. In addition, another factor of being an epic hero, is to go on many impossible journeys. Gilgamesh went by himself to seek out the key to immortality. He had to pass through a tunnel of darkness, for 12 leagues, and dive down in to a see to get a tiny plant, which eventually got eaten by a snake. Not missing the fact that he also went on journey’s with Enkidu. Finally, he also has an ‘epic’ flaw. Gilgamesh is very selfish. His selfishness made him go on all these impossible journey’s, as he wanted power and fame. He wanted to be remembered. Most of the battles he fought, and the journey’s he went on were all his idea. He wanted to kill the beast of the cedar forest, though it was not harming his village. Luckily, he survived and killed the animal. As a result, he go the attention of the Goddess Ishtar, though he didn’t like her that much. Ishtar got mad and sent the Bull of Heaven to destroy him, though Gilgamesh killed the creature. All these different examples make Gilgamesh a step closer to becoming an epic hero.

How do the values of ancient Mesopotamian society compare to our values today?
In Gilgamesh’s time, power and fame was a key to making your name be remembered. In the present time, it’s the same. People who can do something really well, or did something that no one else has done are remembered. For example, Michael Jackson, who was a very talented singer and dancer, is still remembered. Jackson invented a couple of dance moves, and sang many famous songs like ‘Love Never Felt So Good’, ‘Beat It’, and ‘Thriller’. Another example is Usain Bolt, who is an olympic Jamaican sprinter. He is the first man ever to hold the 100 AND the 200 meter sprint world records. Everyone who is interested in these different things knows about these people. In the Mesopotamian times, things like defeating people in a war or a one-to-one battle were things that would make you remembered. Though they are all different things that could make you remembered, they were still things that COULD make you remembered. 
Secondly, religion is something that is valued a lot in the Mesopotamian times, and now. In the past, the religion was to warship the Gods, though now a days, there are many more religions. Christians, Jews and Muslim are just three examples! A study shows that there are "roughly 4,200 religions" in the world. In 2800 B.C. (Gilgamesh's time), the civilisation did many things to pay their respects to the Gods. They'd pray to the Gods, to ask them for help, advice, or guidance in a quest, or a task. The society sacrificed things to the Gods, such as animals. Some people went to temples to pay their respects as well. Now a days, people pray as well, and some may give sacrifices to whomever they believe in. As well as these things, they also go to church, mosques, or temples. In our civilisation there is a lot more diversity in cultures and religion than there was in Gilgamesh's civilisation.
Lastly, love and family is something that is very important, and that was valued in the past, and in the present. In the book: "Gilgamesh the Hero", where I learned lots about Gilgamesh's time, shows me examples on how the people who lived in Gilgamesh's society reacted to this. When Gilgamesh and Enkidu were going to start their journey to kill the beast of the timber forest, Gilgamesh's mother found Enkidu and asked him to take care of Gilgamesh. Enkidu had made sure that Gilgamesh had stayed safe, even though Gilgamesh had done many things that put him in dangerous positions. I'm inferring that the amount of love that goes to a family is equal, no matter what time you live in. Family and love is always important. In my family, we help each other out with multiple things such as homework, personal problems, or something simple like riding a bike. A family, and love are very important things in everyone's life. If you don't have a family, you always have some kind of love. 

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  1. Rosanne, I thought this was a very organized and good blog post. I thought I sort of had the same idea. I talked about in my blog post about Gilgamesh changing throughout the story and I thought your's kinda resembled to mine. And not only did you talk about the good side, but the bad side like when you said Gilgamesh wanted to be famous and he was selfish. To sum it all up, I thought that you had a very developed blog post with great ideas. Nice job!