Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Save Burle Marx Parque!

São Paulo Government
For Science this quarter, each student had to write an essay on an ecological problem in this world. I wrote about the major issue that is happening currently in São Paulo: the deforestation of Burle Marx Parque.
Before I actually knew, or researched about this project, I wasn't really that interested. I had just thought that this would just be another project to work on. Though now, after going through the whole process, I am very close to this subject. Knowing a variety of facts about the importance of this park, and having to write an essay about this subject, I feel like this park should be protected.
     In my essay, I did some things well, but there are also some things that I could improve. I received good overall grades, but on the criteria there were somethings that I could have done a lot better. For example, in my essay, I didn't include a lot of details on how to solve the problem in the future. To be honest, I hadn't really researched much into this area. The deforestation is a very recent issue, which results to there not being many sources on this issue.
     Something that I did well on though, is the writing. On the criteria, I'd used a lot of deep and expressive transition words. In addition, I had included many facts, and included a detailed analysis for each of the facts, so that it could easily flow in the essay.
     A core value that I demonstrated very well in this project, was being a critical thinker. Since this is a very recent issue, there wasn't that much information on the internet or from other sources. I had to be a critical thinker to connect main ecological issues related to the deforestation and try to add in facs whenever possible. This was challenging, but in the end I think I did very well in that area.
     As well as a positive core value, I think that there was also a core value that I could have improved on. Being Balanced in this process was pretty hard as well. I had to make sure that I was concentrated on the essay when working, so that it would turn out good. This project was due at the end of the quarter, which are usually stressful times. Not just science, but also in other classes such as art and clay, humanities, and Portuguese, I had important summative assignments due as well. Because I believed that an essay is more important that other things, I spent a lot of time on it. This made me loose track of my other assignments, leaving me to do them last minute. I hope that in the future I could change this situation by creating a mini schedule for homework, so I can work an even amount of time on each subject. 

To help this situation, please sign a petition, as this park should be saved! Here is the link to the petition, including some additional information.

Here is the link to my essay.

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Senhor. Roberto Delmanto, Jr
Mr. Prophet
Irma van Ballegooijen

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