Friday, October 03, 2014

Vampire Academy - Read It!

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This quarter in Humanities, we did many things, though the one that most stood out to me was being able to present a book I read this quarter. For my presentation, I talked about a fictional book, called 'Vampire Academy', by Richelle Mead. This is the first out of six books in the Vampire Academy series.

Why did you excel in this assignment?
I think I excelled in this assignment for many reasons. First of all, I was very prepared for my presentation. I had created a slide-show for the audience, so that it would be easier for them to follow along with what I was saying. I'd created a speech so that I knew what I would be talking about, and that I didn't loose track of what I was saying. In addition, I had lots of information to include in my presentation. Looking through the book, I had gathered specific details to answer my question, which I was assigned in the beginning of this project. This had given me extra points for my overall grade, as I hadn't been guessing what the exact text had said. To conclude, my presentation had been (in my opinion), very engaging. I'd made sure that it was easy to follow for the 7th grade, and for Mr. J. To make my presentation more interesting, I'd asked questions and had related my evidence to things that happen to kids at ages 11-13.

Throughout this project, a core value I demonstrated the most, is being responsible. Firstly, I had been prepared for my presentation, as I said before. Mr. J had instructed us to practice our talk a couple times, to make sure it was in the time limit and that we knew what we were saying. I'd listened , and that had helped me because I hadn't stumbled on any words while talking. Secondly, I indicated responsibility by bringing all my materials to school for the presentation. I had brought flashcards, and made sure my prezi was shared with Mr. J before it was my turn. Lastly, I showed responsibility during my presentation. I'd done this by making sure that the writing wasn't super informal, but not to informal as well. The details from the book weren't off topic, and related to the main question/theme the whole time. These were three different reasons that I have shows responsibility during my book presentation and the process involved with it.

LINK to the presentation

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