Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Creating, and then Painting

LINK to my art and clay site page.

This semester, I chose to do the elective: art and clay. I'm so happy I did, because I had a lot of fun. This site has all my art and clay projects, painted and fired. They also include a process and a reflection. At the bottom of my site is a short paragraph reflecting on this whole semester.

Thank you Ms. Ariani for everything!

Monday, December 08, 2014

Ever Changing Societies

 For my humanities research paper and graphic novel, I decided to investigate on plastic. Throughout these last couple of weeks, I've learnt many things about the effects plastic has had on our society. This simple material, invented in the early stages of the 1900s, has impacted our modern society in many ways. In this blog post, I will describe how different technologies, and my chosen technology as well, impacted the development of society.

How can technology change the development of society?

    Technology can change the development of society in multiple ways. There are a variety of effects, both positive and negative. Some positive things that different technologies have done for society is that it has helped us advance. Though, like I stated before, it also has had some negative effects. For example environmental pollution and destruction, or issues with human health, occur very often when in contact with these technologies. Sadly, technologies that are useful, can cause our world harm, and are also not that easy to get rid of. Before people make big decisions, such as freeing the world from a specific technology because it has harmed the environment, they also have to take into consideration the benefits of the technology that has helped the different societies and generations grow.
    The most basic impact that a technology from modern times has accomplished, is that it made doing everyday tasks easier, made it more manageable, and it is often a sustainable product. Usually, making our lives easier is the whole point of the technology. For example, my technology, plastic, simplified our daily lives as well. It replaced many materials such as wood and clay, as it is faster and easier to manufacture which also made it cheaper for the public. In modern day, you can see plastic wherever you go. You are most likely reading this on a technological device, which also has plastic particles in it.
   As well as the benefits, some technologies also have negative impacts on humans, because of too much use or of chemicals in the product. Human health could be heavily affected depending on the technology. Relating this back to my product, plastic, affects human health a lot. The overuse of plastic heavily impacts hormones, increased heart rates, and it raises the risk of getting diabetes. These are only some of the different illnesses that could occur because of plastic. Other technologies, such as the X-Ray machines or MRI scans are very crucial to citizens in the present day, because it gives doctors knowledge on what is wrong with their patients, so that they can help them to get better.
    These are just two main impacts out of the many that occur in our world. Technologies from the modern day, and from the past have all had some kind of impact on our society. For example, telescopes helped us learn about the solar system, ATM's made getting money out of a bank easier, but on the other hand plastic has harmed our environment and human health. It is easy to tell that society doesn't think about the negative impacts of plastic but rather it thinks of what the ATM machines and the telescopes have done. They have helped our world move forward, but sometimes, our world needs to pause, stop and reflect on what has happened.

Here is the link to my research paper about my technology: plastic.
Here is the link to my graphic novel, which I did with Talia de Beer. We chose to work with the technology: plastic and show how it impacted lives of humans and ocean pollution.  

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Uma Pessoa Pequena

O que e o projeto?
Neste bimestre, nós estudamos o preteria imperfeito. Para aprender isso de uma forma legal, Donna Lau nós propôs o projeto Infância. O objetivo para desse projeto é: crear uma vídeo que tem uma poema e foto's do seu infância. Primeira, nós escrevemos o poema, e depois gravamos o projeto. 
O que voce aprendeu?
Durante o projeto, eu aprendi muitas coisas. Por exemplo, eu aprendi o preteria perfeito muito. Agora eu sabi quals palavras eu preciso falar quando eu falar sobre uma tempo que aconteceu no passado. Q
Voce teve alguma dificuldade/ Como superou?
Quando eu fazer meu vídeo, eu tenho uma dificuldade: na pronuncia das palavras. Eu fazer o acento no uma parte da palavra que são errado. Felizmente, Donna Lau ajuda-me quando eu falou uma palavra errado. O produto final do meu vídeo, eu falou todas as palavras bom. Minha professora falou pra mim que ela está muito feliz com minha progresso, e por que ela falou disso, eu estou muito feliz também! 
Quais core values foram importantes?
O infância projeto tem muitos core values no processo, e no produto final. Duas core values que nós usaram muito no projeto e reflective e innovative. Eu acho essas coisas por que quando eu escreve meu poema, eu era reflexivo no minha infância, e eu era innovative quando eu brainstorm essas ideas do meu passado. Também quando eu fazia meu vídeo, eu era innovative por que eu pegava todos os fotos e crear uma coisa interessante e legal, e não uma coisa chato que ninguém queria de ver. 

Em conclusão, deste projeto foi muito bom, e o produto final estar muito bom também. As coisas que eu aprendi em deste projeto eu vou lembrar sempre. O grade que eu recebia por deste projeto foi muito bom, e eu estou muito orgulhoso. Muito obrigada Donna Lau pra deste projeto! 

Friday, December 05, 2014

Looking Back On My Invesitgations

This quarter, I had five summative assessments. All of the assessments were completed with care and all of my effort.

Throughout the semester, we only did one investigation. I'm really proud of my overall grade – I got a 6. For next time, I need to add my background research because I forgot to do that this time.
Link to my science investigation.

Additionally, we had two tests this semester. One on ecology and another on energy. My scores for the first test was 6 and for my second test was 7. The only thing I could improve for next year is to be more specific when explaining something on the test.

Lastly, my essays. We wrote two this semester: one essay was written at home, and the second was an in-class essay where we got 60 minutes for in class. On my first essay, I got a 6 for writing, content, and citing. For my second essay I got a 5 for writing and content and a 7 for citing. After I received my scores for my second essay I went up to Mr. Pro to know what I could do better for the next time, as a 5 is good, but it isn't as good as what I had done before. He told me that it sounded to scientific, and not really like my own words. That's the main thing I could do for next time.

Link to my ecological issue essay
Link to my energy In-class essay

Predicting My Grade (From most important to least important):

  1. Essay: 6
  2. Test: 6 
  3. Investigation Report: 6 

Overall Grade: 6