Friday, December 05, 2014

Looking Back On My Invesitgations

This quarter, I had five summative assessments. All of the assessments were completed with care and all of my effort.

Throughout the semester, we only did one investigation. I'm really proud of my overall grade – I got a 6. For next time, I need to add my background research because I forgot to do that this time.
Link to my science investigation.

Additionally, we had two tests this semester. One on ecology and another on energy. My scores for the first test was 6 and for my second test was 7. The only thing I could improve for next year is to be more specific when explaining something on the test.

Lastly, my essays. We wrote two this semester: one essay was written at home, and the second was an in-class essay where we got 60 minutes for in class. On my first essay, I got a 6 for writing, content, and citing. For my second essay I got a 5 for writing and content and a 7 for citing. After I received my scores for my second essay I went up to Mr. Pro to know what I could do better for the next time, as a 5 is good, but it isn't as good as what I had done before. He told me that it sounded to scientific, and not really like my own words. That's the main thing I could do for next time.

Link to my ecological issue essay
Link to my energy In-class essay

Predicting My Grade (From most important to least important):

  1. Essay: 6
  2. Test: 6 
  3. Investigation Report: 6 

Overall Grade: 6

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