Thursday, March 12, 2015

Are You Ultimate Enough to Join Our Ultimate Frisbee Game?

What are players' responsibilities?
The field with all the 7th graders in my PE class,
playing ultimate frisbee. 
          On the 9th and the 11th of March, I wasn't able to do PE, therefore missing out on ultimate frisbee classes. My physical education teacher, Ms. Arcenas, had asked me to observe my fellow classmates and be able to answer the question: What are players' responsibilities? Also, over the course of these two days, I've noticed many improvements my classmates have made, though I've also noticed things that they could do better. 
The girls, right before a game,
deciding on their positions. 
          What would you do as an ultimate frisbee player? Let's start off by focusing on the more skills related area. Firstly, you have to try. Having and open mind-set can help you take risks and further your learning. Learning a new sport can be challenging, but having a closed mind-set will lead you no-where so you always need to make sure you are open to trying and getting out there. While observing on Monday, I noticed many of the guys just doing it and they were really good, although some were fooling about not really caring. Some of the girls weren't really in to it as much as well and you could tell that they didn't want to persevere. Ms. Arcenas had asked me about it and I'd said exactly that. She shared what I'd said with the class, and funnily, on Wednesday, some of the students had put themselves out there and got some really good shots. You could clearly see they progressed in some way, which was really cool! Additionally, if you make a mistake, you can always learn from it. If you throw the frisbee in a certain way, and it doesn't work out, you know for next time not to do that. This connects to the last point I' going to make, which is improving your skills. If you can do a back-hand throw really well but not a forehand, you could practice the forehand and improve your skills.
          Now, let's move on to a player's responsibilities when in a game situation. To begin with, somebody on the field should demonstrate team work. Simply passing the frisbee over to one another to get it over for the win or making sure people work together to block the other team's players from transporting the frisbee is how you could show that you are working together effectively. Furthermore, being inclusive is very important in a game situation. Of course, you need to be nice and welcome different players into your team. I noticed that in my PE class most people tend to go to their friends, though if they are assigned a team or a partner it never looks like they are very disappointed. Also, making sure your teammates get the positions they want is a good things as well as then everybody is happy. Finally, in the beginning, in the middle, or after a game a player needs to be a responsible person and show sportsmanship. If the other player scores a point you need to be respectful and not show annoyance or demonstrate rudeness. After a game, if they won, congratulate them, or if they lost, call out: "good game!" to show civility.
Practicing throwing and catching. 
          To sum up, trying, practicing, improving, team work, showing inclusiveness and demonstrating sportsmanship are all important aspects of being a good ultimate frisbee player. Actually, you could use these skills in many other sports or situations where you need to work with other people or do something new. These skills are, in my opinion, the key to success when rocketing the frisbee across the field. 

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