Monday, March 30, 2015

Gender Inequality - It Needs to be Beaten

In geography, we are currently starting our contemporary world issue. For this project, I chose gender inequality. From what I already know, I can say that this is when people favour one sex over the other. Most of the time, men are liked more than women. I've heard before that many religions in our world imply that women aren't as great as men. Because of that, they can't do things such as show themselves in public or leave the house unless accompanied by a husband. Another example I know that shows gender inequality, could occur at work. A female could get paid less for the same job that a male is doing. These are just two times that show gender inequality that I know of, so I'm curious to know where else you could see gender inequality, and where it occurs the most. Additionally, I'm pretty interested to know where it started. My guess to that question is religions, but I would like to know for sure. Furthermore, what are the effects of gender inequality? There are probably a couple consequences; many psychological, I think. As there are most likely effects, I'm wondering which regulations or actions need to be taken to end gender inequality? If this is an issue, it should be beaten one way or another. The last thing I want to look into, is what is the difference of gender inequality between Europe, and North and South America. Since these three continents have many different cultures, I wonder how the inequality looks like in all the three different areas. As you can see, I do have a couple important questions I would like answered. To do so, I'm going to have to do a lot of investigating. To get good background information, I'm going to search the web. After that, I'm going to deepen my understanding by looking at school-advised websites and databases on the Library database and good newspaper articles form sources like the New York Times to get trusted information. Finally, I'm going to interview people such as my dad, as they have experience hiring people, so I could get a relevant source to tell me what factors they take into account when doing that, and what their opinions are on gender inequality.  The questions I'm going to focus on the most are what the consequences are and where and how this injustice occurs.

Additionally, for this project, each class we have to send out a 'tweet' on a program called Edmodo, and we each have four followers.


  1. Malin
  2. Ben
  3. Jessie
  4. Karin


  1. Gun laws (Ben)
  2. Government corruption (Abigail)
  3. Air Pollution (Malin)
  4. Climate Change (Shika)

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