Sunday, April 26, 2015

Don't Crack!

Recently, my health class and I completed the egg baby project. This was probably the most interesting project I have ever done at school. What we had to do, was act like a teen parent for 24 hours, for 09:30 on April 22nd to 09:30 on April 23rd. 

1. What did you like about being an egg baby parent?
Something that I really enjoyed about being an egg baby parent, was all naming, decorating, and deciding. To me, the name had to be something very special, since, in theory, we were pretending that the baby could live. So I used my favourite names for my twins: Tessa for the girl and Marcus for the boy. For the decorating, I was thinking more about "Yay! I can finally control someone's room and keep it tidy" rather than: "hmm, what colours should I pick?" I'm the type of person that likes to keep things simple and organised  so that's exactly how my baby's carrier looked like. Finally, I thought the deciding was super fun. That includes the naming and the decorating, but also things such as what should I do know with the baby. This was fun to me, because I actually had the responsibility to take care of someone. I'm the third out of four children in my family, so things such as babysitting is always done by my older siblings. That means I don't get the opportunity to do these kinds of things, so it was fun for me to actually be responsible of "someone". 
2. What activities or responsibilities did you find difficult?
Throughout this project, something that I found difficult, was changing my behaviour. Socially, but also the things I do on a daily basis. Out of habit, I go to the field and hang out with my friends. Usually we jump around to music and such, but with the egg baby we had to really stay calm and be careful with the baby. That was a challenge for me, because usually I'm the energetic girl. Although, since I knew it was only for a little while, I pushed through and tried to stand with both feet on the ground for as long as possible (although if it was a real baby I would probably have had to change my behaviour a lot...). Furthermore, I changed my day-to-day behaviour when I had to wake up in the middle of the night. In the pictures above, you can see I woke up early to take care of my baby! At 2:30 in the morning and at 4:45 am on April 23rd. Getting up was hard because it was a school night and I was very tired. I know, though, that if this were reality I would have had to wake up more times, which totally deprives me of my sleep. 

3+4. What do you think it would be like being a real teen parent? How would a real baby change your own teen life?
I think that being a real teen parent would bring many difficulties. I think there are two main changes that would impact someone's life the most. Firstly, I think that the change socially is going to have a big effect on a teen parent. If you have to spend time with your baby, you'll be spending less time with your friends. That way, you won't be keeping a bond as strong. Additionally, when fellow classmates or friends find out, they could start to gossip and that could definitely give the parent a negative social profile. On the other hand, even though it occurs less, people could accept the person was pregnant at such a young age, and help this person. This could also increase bonds. Secondly, when taking care of your baby, you won't be paying as much attention to your education. Things such as studying and doing homework will most likely become less of a priority when caring for a human being. Because of that, if the teen parent goes to school, they'd be less likely to do well on exams or other tests. A baby could even take them out of school as a whole.  So clearly, being a teenage parent could seriously affect your future. 

5. Choose one core value/learning habit that shows what you learned about being an Egg baby parent. Explain why this core value represents your experience.
An obvious core value that demonstrates what I learned during this experiment, was that I became more responsible. The reason for this is I had to take care of another "human being". Even though it was my twins were eggs, I had to make sure that their needs were met. I had to take some of my personal time to spend time with my eggs. It shows I was responsible because I took other people's lives into consideration. For example, I had to make sure the baby was entertained, so I watched an episode of "My Little Pony" with them. To be honest, it was quite childish to me, but it was for my egg baby, so I stayed and watched the show anyways.

6. Choose one core value that you could improve on? Explain.
A core value that I could improve on from this project, is to be more innovative. Not in terms of the decorative parts of the design or anything, more in the sense that I wasn't that creative in managing my egg baby's and their carrier. I think it would have been better if I found a carrier that actually suited me. The carrier I had was really nice and open, although it was not practical. Right now I'm thinking that maybe if I had done something such as add a string to it so I could carry it around my neck or made a small hand-hold that it would have been an easier for me to handle the baby's. The original carrier was stuffed almost to the top with paper towels and cotton wads, so the chance was actually quite high that they would fall out of it. That was something I should have thought about as well.

Overall, I had a ton of fun when doing this project. It was such a great opportunity to learn new things about taking care of my egg and such. I know for sure that future 7th graders would love this creative way of learning knew things. 

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