Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Lifeless Water - Thinking Back

Recently, my science class and I were assigned to do a presentation about a water issue. The water issue I chose was about ocean acidification.

The next time I do a presentation, I want to research more. In my presentation, the problem was explained with strong evidence of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, as was said on my rubric, although I could research more about the future of the problem. To be honest, that was a little hard with ocean acidification. Although now I realise I could have explained more how investigations and publicity would help the situation a lot. Furthermore, for this presentation, the best thing I did was present! I practiced a lot and my rubric said that I was very clear with my speaking. The language I used was good and it enhanced my performance. Finally, a core value I demonstrated throughout this project was communicator. Sharing the information with my peers and my teacher was an important thing to be able to do, and that was something I did well. I'm really proud of myself, as I was a bit nervous, but my practice and hard work paid off.

Here is the link to the document with my outline and my speech.
This is the prezi I made for my presentation.

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