Monday, May 25, 2015

ISIS: It Has No Limits, No Boundaries, and No Mercy.

This was my modern conflict presentation; a video. Watch it by clicking on this link!

A conflict is a negative thing. It ruins people in various ways. Although when researching for my modern conflict, ISIS, I journeyed to the conclusion that a human is mostly affected internally.

Firstly, their beliefs could change. This could happen in various ways. For example, ISIS forces people to embrace Islam and to join their caliphate. If people don't listen to the militants, they'll be forced to pay protection money or be tortured or murdered in a terrifying manner by the Islamic State. Secondly, many people's mindset alters, regarding decision making during wartimes. This change is different for everyone. Some people start hiding away to stay safe while others stand strong and ready to fight. On the other hand, some people enjoy their last moments while they can. Such as the 26-year-old who wants to remain anonymous: "I do not want to leave. I want to die in my city." (CNN) During his interview with the press he says that four years ago he was anxious to leave his city because of a civil war, but now, even though the horrific Islamic group has conquered their city, and have the ability to hurt and to slaughter, he stands strong. To add on, this shows how people can also be affected by previous conflicts.
Finally, a person's perception of someone else changes. When one person normally wouldn't do something, perhaps they could turn out to be different. An interesting scenario occurred was when British school girls, two 15-year-olds and one 16-year-old, hopped on a flight to Turkey, and then further to Syria to marry jihadists part of the IS. The police chief who told the press all about the issue said “in hindsight we now know that these girls were planning to go and neither the family, the police, the school nor anyone else realised that.” (Huffington Post) As was stated, nobody had knowledge of the trip that the girls were going on. Their mother had added that they were the average teenage girl, and the decision was unexpected. In sum, internal problems occur when in the midst of a conflict. The issue possessing a person's mind changes someone's ideas, he/she finds differences in the decision making, and the perception of other people alters. Conflicts should not do this, however ongoing terrorism and such is unstoppable. 
As you might have briefly understood, the Islamic State is a vicious, but ambitious group, and is hungry for more power. Now, many people are starting to form predictions to guess the expansion and such of ISIS. From my researched knowledge, I, as well as others, can conclude that the Islamic Group will not stop to cause destruction, devastation, and damage to be able to increase their boundaries, conquer more land, and expand the Islamic ideology. Their group, with a guessed minimum of at least 200,000 militants (Independent), is capable of spreading further than they already are. Before this weekend, the terrorist group was losing some territory against the Iraqi and Syrian army, however, news articles state they are taking back more land. An example is the ancient city Palmyra, in Syria, where they stormed in last week and just yesterday slaughtered over 200 people. Although Syrian air strikes were launched, the militants weren't as affected as the ancient ruins. (CNN) Concludingly, the Islamic State is a strong and powerful group, ready for anything. Expanding their group and their area is something unstoppable at the moment, however trying to stop them with more military power or air strikes could be the first step towards the end of their rule.


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  2. Rosanne,
    I really liked your blogpost I think that you used really good vocabulary during your writing, and I also liked your title. I also think that you have many examples, or evidence to what you are talking about. For example, when you talk about the anonymous person that said he wanted to die in his city this was real evidence to what you were talking about. I made be really think what you were talking about was true, and that it is something really serious. You also used transition words in the beginning of your sentences when you changed topic. Good Job Rosanne!!

  3. Rosanne,
    While I was reading your blogpost, I became very interested - especially because of all the facts and statistics you included in the body of your post. I agree with your many reasons and examples of internal ways conflict affects people, as I also think that some conflicts (such as this one) can be more psychologically impacting than physically impacting, which is very interesting!
    I do think, however, that in the beginning of your blogpost you could add some sort of introduction, which could briefly explain what ISIS (IS or ISIL) is - even though I bet almost everyone knows who they are and what they want. I look forward to knowing what will happen in the end (if it ends, after all), because your prediction seemed right!

    Good job,
    --Alyssa T