Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Super Size Me Movie Questions

Recently in our health class we watched the documentary called Super Size Me, which is about a man called Morgan Spurlock who decides to eat a McDonalds McDiet for one month. Throughout the film, we can see the extreme changes in his health.

Here are some questions and answers about the movie:

1. Identify two PHYSICAL changes that happened to Morgan because of his McDonalds diet.
     Morgan went through some physical changes, and one of them was that he definitely showed that he had gained more weight. Another change is that he had become much less fit, since he hadn't exercised through the entire month. 
2. Identify two EMOTIONAL / MENTAL changes that happened to Morgan because of his McDonalds diet.
     One of the emotional / mental changes he went through is that he had gotten more mood swings and a second one was that he had gotten a depressed feeling more often even if he had had a good day. This is because the body was producing much less endorphins. 
3. If Morgan had been doing more exercise each day of his McDonalds diet, do you think he would have experienced the same physical changes? Why or why not?
     Morgan would have experienced those changes, but definitely not as bad as how he experienced them without exercise. Also, it depends on how much he exercised. He would have had to exercise A LOT to be able to burn off all the extra calories that he had eaten. With exercise though, his fitness level would have probably stayed the same. 
4. When people watch this film, do you think they want to eat more, or less fast foods? Explain why.
     I think it depends on the person. People who want to actually make a difference in their lifestyle, would definitely change, however, some people that we saw from the video still wouldn't change. They explained that they didn't have time since their days are spent looking after their children and going to work.  
5. Many people eat fast food because it is cheap. Is eating healthy food expensive? Is having a healthy eating habit only possible for those who can afford it? Explain why or why not.
     This statement is false. Foods such as fruits and vegetables are super cheap and are great for your body. However, there are other factors that contribute to people buying fast food rather than healthier foods. Things such as vegetables don't come ready made like a portion of McFries; you need to prepare the vegetables which takes time, which many people don't usually have. 
6. Mr. Gorske eats Big Macs everyday of his life. Do you think that McDonald's food is affecting Mr. Gorse health? Although Mr. Gorse does not look overweight from the outside, what health problems could he be developing inside the body?
     Mr. Gorske may not know it, but definitely inside of him, he could developing a plaque. He is eating so many fats, which includes cholesterol, and those stick together inside his blood vessels. Most likely, he'll have multiple building up at a time since he has eaten OVER 25,000 Bib Macs! Another thing is that his heart could be developing heart problems and diseases and he most likely has high-blood pressure as well. 

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